Loopy’s New Challenge

Usually at The Loopy Ewe there is a quarterly challenge but they’re switching it up – or actually “mixing” it up.¬† The challenge is to mix — mix two yarns, mix yarn and beads, etc. using at least 300 yards of yarn.

You know that I don’t have any knitting projects actually in the works or projects I want to start in the next month or so right??? Okay – not true but what is one more project? ūüôā

So what am I planning to do for Loopy’s Challenge?¬†¬† (you can tell from the photo that he’s been shopping for me again!)


I’m going to be making Racing Raindrops Scarf¬† and you can see the pretty yarn and beads Loopy selected for me at the above link to my Ravelry projects.

I’ve never¬†¬†beaded anything before which is why I like these challenges – the challenge may not require something I haven’t tried but I like to add my own little challenge to them and try something new.¬†¬†¬† Could be that Loopy got a bit carried away and ordered more yarn than just for the challenge project….. he’s a bit overzealous like that at times.

With all our cold weather lately, I was thinking perhaps Little Loopy needs a pair of these to wear!  He of course would request they be red!

So, if like me, you have absolutely no knitting projects in process (would that be a little white lie or a bald-faced lie?)¬† check out Sheri’s Blog for all the details of the challenge.

The bad part about TLE challenges – the chat groups that are set up – I end up adding way to many patterns to my already bursting Ravelry library seeing all the fun projects others are making and all the pretty yarns.