Change of hat plans

20131210_1  I decided I didn’t like the look of the prior yarn I had picked for the hat — it will make a fine hat but I put it aside to finish later – one of my nephews will probably lay claim to it.

I wanted a softer yarn – a bit more classy looking – if you can get that in a stocking cap. LOL

So I switched to this and am pleased with it.  I am still using the Scraptastic hat pattern but am calling this one Scraptastic with a Twist.   Rather than just plain stockinette stitch, I’m using the twisted stitch pattern from my favorite sock pattern, Nine to Five.  I don’t know that the pattern will really shop up in photos, but I love it in my socks and I think it will look good in a hat.

Don’t tell Judy, but apparently I’m Ravelry stalking her.  I’m clearly not very good at it tho because I hadn’t noticed she was “ahead of me” so to speak.   LOL   We like similar patterns very very often.   I was looking at patterns (nothing new there), something specifically to use some of the Wollmeise DK I recently bought.   I came across  a mystery cardigan KAL by Vera Sanon that the yarn would work for and I really like the style of her patterns and have several earmarked as must make sometime in my lifetime.   I thought it sounded interesting (again nothing new I always find way too many patterns that sound interesting),  and after reading more on the group list about it, decided I wanted to make it and was thinking…hmmmmm I should tell Judy about this because she does not have enough things on her knitting list (you know I’m joking!) 😉 but when I went to the  home page to join the group – whose photo did I see starting back at me in the  “new kids on the block,”  — which are the people who just recently signed up — yep you guessed it,  there she was ahead of me in line! LOL   Apparently I’m about a day behind her so   shhhhhhhh don’t tell her  she’ll never see me trailing a whole day behind her. 🙂    But I do have my yarn picked out for it – my recent Wollmeise purchases contain more than enough Pesto green to make a sweater so that worked out perfect.


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  1. well, I started my Moebic Cowl a friend shared the pattern with me-today. Mine is in old rose worsted. Before I make one in fancy soft yarns wanted to see if I could knit again-lol. Old Arthur sure pitched a fit, I can knit 4 rows of 70 stitches though, then have to rest my hands. But I am making something finally. Not sure of the more costly yarns yet though. Thank you Denise

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