It’s a mystery

1414 Mystery Quilt Lane


Yes – that mysterious button has appeared in the sidebar.¬† Are you daring….do you love a mystery…. click it and see where it takes you. ūüôā


Change of hat plans

20131210_1¬† I decided I didn’t like the look of the prior yarn I had picked for the hat — it will make a fine hat but I put it aside to finish later – one of my nephews will probably lay claim to it.

I wanted a softer yarn – a bit more classy looking – if you can get that in a stocking cap. LOL

So I switched to this and am pleased with it.¬† I am still using the Scraptastic hat pattern but am calling this one Scraptastic with a Twist.¬†¬† Rather than just plain stockinette stitch, I’m using the twisted stitch pattern from my favorite sock pattern, Nine to Five.¬† I don’t know that the pattern will really shop up in photos, but I love it in my socks and I think it will look good in a hat.

Don’t tell Judy, but apparently I’m Ravelry stalking her.¬† I’m clearly not very good at it tho because I hadn’t noticed she was¬†“ahead of me” so¬†to speak.¬† ¬†LOL¬†¬† We like similar patterns very very often. ¬† I was looking at patterns (nothing new there),¬†something specifically to use some of the Wollmeise DK I recently bought.¬†¬† I came across¬† a mystery cardigan KAL by Vera Sanon that¬†the yarn would work¬†for and I really like the style of her patterns and have several¬†earmarked as must¬†make sometime in my lifetime.¬† ¬†I thought it¬†sounded interesting (again nothing new I always find way too many patterns that sound interesting),¬† and after reading more on the group list about it, decided I wanted to make it and was thinking…hmmmmm I should tell Judy about this because she does not have enough things on her knitting list (you know I’m joking!) ūüėČ but when I went to the¬† home page¬†to¬†join the group¬†– whose photo did I see starting back at me in the¬† “new kids on the block,”¬† —¬†which are the people who just recently signed up — yep you guessed it, ¬†there she was ahead of me in line! LOL¬†¬† Apparently I’m about a day behind her so¬†¬† shhhhhhhh don’t tell her¬† she’ll never see me trailing a whole day behind her. ūüôā¬†¬†¬† But I do have my yarn picked out for it – my recent Wollmeise purchases contain more than enough Pesto green to make a sweater so that worked out perfect.



If you’ve been sitting on the fence about the Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society project for next year – or¬†plan to join but haven’t purchased the Block Collection yet – this might be the perfect opportunity!

Remember Рyou must sign up by January 25, 2014 in order to play along on this project.  All info for this project is in the right sidebar Рjust click the Dog button.