A hat finished!

The first Scraptastic – which is not scrappy but follows that pattern – is completed.  As you may have guessed – since I started it late yesterday afternoon, it’s an easy knit.

scraptastic topHere’s the top of it – I like how the decrease come together in an asterisk shape on the top of the hat – makes for a nice fitting hat.

The photo of the top of the hat is the one that is true to color to the yarn.

Here’s a side view.



Now my dilemma is what yarn to use for the second hat.   I wound this one that’s called Camouflage with a Twist but   I can’t really decide if I like it or not.  And that spot on the lower left that looks sort of bright blue – hmm it must be ore subtle than that photo  shows because I didn’t really see that color in this yarn when it’s wound but maybe it blends more than the photo shows.

camoflaguewtwist scarlet fleece

Here’s a blurry photo of it wound.

l 011  Some of the greens in it look a bit bright but then maybe the goldy colors temper that when it’s knit up.  And after all we are in Green Bay Packer country so green and gold might not be bad.

I think I’ll cast on and see how it looks as its knit and decide once I get the ribbing done.


8 comments on “A hat finished!

  1. What yarn did you use on the hat? I love it. Will have to put it on my to do list. I just started my first Hitchhiker and I am hoping to be done by Christmas which means a lot of sitting and knitting because I am not the fastest. Will see how I do.

  2. I miss your patchwork. Do you only knitting?? Is it over with patchwork?? I miss your work. I have no eQ. I mean only the real work.
    Greeting Guilitta

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