Just chillin’

Whoa – definitely that’s what’s going on here.  I opened the door just to see what it was like outside.  4 degrees – not exactly balmy open the door in your jammies weather!  But it could be worse — and actually it will – starting tomorrow when we’re supposed to get snow to go with those lovely cold temps.  But at least I wasn’t in the area where it was 15 below. 🙂  (just feels that way with the wind here).

So my first task of the day after shutting the door with no plans to open it again until Monday when I have to go to work — I went in search of the tension bar to put in the sewing room window. I haven’t figured out what quilt I used to hang up over that window opening but I pulled out the drapery fabric I bought long ago with the intentions of making curtains for either that window or my bedroom – can’ remember which but clearly I haven’t done it yet,  But its a large enough piece that it’s hanging doubled on the tension rod – pools on the window sill so air can’t leak through there and is nice tucked down the edges.  It has made a big different.

Second task – my feet were freezing sitting at the computer so go get dressed — not that the drying rack filled with wooly socks to be put back in the dresser drawer weren’t just 3 feet away from where I was sitting! DUH

Third task was to pull out the “heavy” shawl — my watching tv, sitting and knitting, hanging out on the back of my chair shawl.  I had been using a different one which was made on a knitting machine and is much thinner.  This is the “heavy” one – I made many years ago. It’s cozy and machine wash and dry so very practical to have around.

homespun With this shawl round my shoulders, quilt on my lap, I’m not afraid of those 4 degree temps. LOL (as long as the heat is working).

The rest of the morning — since it’s now just about noon — was spent doing a bit of Ravelry searching and a bit of EQ playing.

I have two different fabric collections I’m working on for Hoffman California fabrics to come up with quilt designs.  One was super easy – when I saw the fabrics I knew the design for a quilt I was making for myself would be perfect with just a few changes.  I like it when that happens.

The second – was a bit more of a struggle but I think the design I did this morning might just be a keeper – we will see what they say.

I then decided I wanted to knit a couple hats as gifts – nothing like procrastinating right!  So I’ve looked at many men’s hat patterns and finally made a decision – and have now used the last of the printer ink printing it — drat add ink to my shopping list.  I think the rest of today will be sitting in a chair hat knitting.  I’m even going to break into some of my Wollmeise DK for these.

I also got a bit better photo this morning of the Greyhaven Cowl

greyhavencowlThe color still isn’t as dark and rich in the photo but red is hard to get to photograph correctly – the texture in the pattern is lovely tho.

A quick lunch, wind that yarn, and snuggle in for some movies and knitting.  Hope you have a warm and snuggly day too.  Perhaps it’s time to pull out the holiday movie dvds for the afternoon.