On the Needles – Frigid Friday – December 6, 2013

Yes baby it’s cold out there – in the teens with high winds so the wind chill ….. well let’s not even think about it.  Thank goodness there are many knit things and quilts around here to snuggle in.

And miraculously – when I got home my internet is working (obviously) so that’s good.

Now as to what’s on the needles …..

The swing cowl – love love love this but I’ve told you that several times now.

swingcowl I’ve got several balls of Mini Mochi (which is the the type of yarn I used I this  with all those great color changes) left over from my Dream Bird so I may need to make a more pastel verison of this with that yarn.

Dream bird is nearly finished – I just need to finish binding off the edging I put on the neck edge and then get it blocked.

What’s off the needles – well it’s been off the needles for a while but it will come off the blocking boards tomorrow — my Gray Haven cowl.

greyhavencowl  It’s hard to get this red to photograph correctly and I tweaked it to get the pattern to actually show.  This is a deep dark red gorgeous red — same yarn as the Boxy cowl photo shown below it.

Check out Judy’s blog for all the other projects on the needles and off.

New #16 - Boxy Cowl TLE4thquarterchallenge TIG GlenhavenCashmere in Cognac

New #16 – Boxy Cowl TLE4thquarterchallenge TIG GlenhavenCashmere in Cognac



15 comments on “On the Needles – Frigid Friday – December 6, 2013

  1. I’m really liking how the Swing Cowl is turning out. The lace pattern for the Grey Haven cowl is really cool too. Hope you’re staying warm!!! It was a brisk 1 degree this morning when I left at 7:30. Tomorrow snow and then even colder.

  2. I just love the Swing Cowl and printed off the instructions. I want to make this one–but need to finish Multnomah wrap first–and yes that is on Raverly. I fell in love with the name since I’ve seen the real —awesome–Multnomah Falls in Oregon. But I digress—-All your project are drool-worthy–and love them all!

    • Thanks! Are you talking about Kate Ray’s Multnomah pattern? I’ve made three of them in various sizes from just little shoulder wrap to very large shawl. I love that pattern. There’s also a cowl and a sweater by other designers that have Multnomah in the name.

      • That’s the one Denise! Haven’t decided if I’m going to do large or extra large yet. I finished the garter stitch for the pattern size and see it will be a bit small for my liking. I’ll just keep knitting and see where I stop before I start the pattern.

  3. I’m so glad you got home to find internet. =) I hope it warms up at least some for tomorrow for you – but it’s Saturday! A weekend to give weather a chance to improve.

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