Knitting the Stash in 2014

button   As things dwindle down towards the end of the year and the beginning of another, I start  laying out some goals or actually more like challenges for myself.

Challenges may be met or I may fail but they are something I enjoy striving for – even if they don’t turn out anything like my initial plan.

So you’ll see a button in the sidebar with this sweet image on it – I think it’s so pretty (even if I’m not a cat person) and love the colors used in it.  (Wouldn’t a quilt be pretty in those colors? the blue, burgundy, grayish white, the dark color of the cat’s fur and that taupey greenish background — I think I’d like it)

Anyway in simplest terms – I plan to knit from the stash next year and if you click on the button you’ll see my plan explained.  If you want to join in this challenge,  feel free to play along with me.



Christmas Lights

I was getting ready to start quilting the quilt I layered yesterday and as I was digging in a thread box in the closet I spied one of the Christmas storage boxes.  I had pulled out the box that was on top of it looking for something else the other day and well heck, since I had it nearly unburied I decided to pull it out of the closet before I piled stuff back on it.

That led to me being totally sidetracked and I don’t think there’s going to be any quilting going on today. 🙂

It actually is quite nice out today – the sun is shining – it’s not bitter cold and windy like it was earlier in the week – heck it’s 40 degrees and not windy (at least not at the back of the building where I am) so down right balmy.  A perfect day to put out some Christmas lights outside if I intend to put any up.  I pulled out the pinecone garland that goes above my door – string of lights attached to that was dead.  Found where a bulb was broken, found the spare ones to that set even, but switching it and the fuse didn’t help so in the trash it went.  Pulled out the icicle lights – I love those – they are not the tiny white lights but instead these have icicle shaped covers over them from about 3″ long to about a 10″ long or more and they glow bluish white.  So made sure they all worked and as I untangled them, let them pile into one of those reuseable grocery totes so I cold easily take them outside and lift them back out of the bag without too much clanking and knocking together.

The lights are up, the garland is up, it’s just waiting for the right time so I can plug the timer in.  No more coming home to pitch black with my little flashlight to get the key in the door.  These will turn on shortly before I get home and light things up.  It was a nice change to just be out there in a t-shirt and sweater (yes I did have pants on but I mean no coat was needed or gloves or hat or scarf) 🙂 and not be freezing putting them up.

I also decided I’m not going to put up my big Christmas tree this year.  I recently moved the treadmill to the corner of the living room so there’s just not room to put the big tree in there and I’m not in the mood to move a bunch of furniture around.  I have a cute feather type tree about 3-1/2 to 4 feet tall that I think I’ll just put out instead.

Did a little work on the quilt designs I need to come up with but I think it’s time to go knit a while.



Swing Knitting

If you’ve never tried swing knitting, I highly recommend it.  Knitting, knitting techniques — they’ve come a long way since I learned to knit back in the late 60’s or early 70’s.   Swing knitting is one of those newer fangled techniques. 🙂  I love it.  Dreambird was made using that method, Art Deco uses it, and the Swing Cowl would be great first time swing knitting project.

I started on it last night and didn’t want to put it down but I finally had to force myself off to bed in the wee hours of the morning.

20131201_2It’s that time of year again — Hoffman Fabrics is working on Christmas fabrics for the 2014 holiday season  so I’ve got a couple quilt designs to  come up with for them.  So a good part of today may be spent playing in EQ (although that cowl is really  wanting me to go knit on it some more!)

I also updated the Sticks ‘n Strings page with the latest completed/blocked projects.   I’m now up to 26 new items started and finished this year and 15 projects out of the UFO bin this year too.   Two of those UFOs got frogged because they were never going to get finished but that means 39 knitty projects so far this year to completion — and I was looking at total yards K-T-D – I’m at 17,100.  Last year with the sock challenge I knit 9,900 yards — can I double that number by the end of the year??  Maybe. 😉