What to do next …..

I’ve been puttering again this morning and need to get dressed and busy around here.  The backing fabric for the quilt I need to get layered and quilted is out of the dryer and waiting to be ironed.  That is top of my list this a.m. (okay – top of the list right after getting dressed and finding some brunch).   I will NOT stay on the computer the better part of the day doing “stuff” like yesterday  (browsing Ravelry patterns, catching up on blogs, playing games — even tho I have a bunch of Ravelry project pages to update)– I will not be back on the computer till that quilt is at least layered!  I’ve procrastinated long enough.

In the meantime, I think there’s about 8 quilters signed up and approved so far for next year’s Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society applique project and several more awaiting final confirmation.  That’s great!  Please remember you MUST buy the pattern before signing up.  You can’t answer the question needed to get the password to the protected pages without the EQ Boutique file since the answer to the question I ask  is found only within that file.

drop The Drop Stitch scarf is done blocking.  Can’t wait to wear it – such a fun pop of color and texture.

And my hat experiment worked — I got it to shrink a little without wrecking it entirely! 🙂  Time will tell if I shrunk it enough since I’m sending it to Mom – it will match a pair of mittens I’m also sending to her.

hat1  I was afraid the cream-colored yarn might shrink in too much since that one is not a superwash but it does seem to have shrunk the size just slightly which hopefully is enough without altering the look of the hat.

I added the last feather to my Dreambird last night!  But then decided I wanted to add a bit of edging along the top curve to neaten things up a bit – my gray yarn just doesn’t fill in like the feather yarn since it’s more linen feeling – so I picked up stitches all long the top curve and am just knitting a few rows of stockinette stitch which should then curl forward and look similar to I-cord without the bother of making I cord — I used this on a different project and really liked it so hopefully I will like it on this one too.  So that project should be finished off this weekend!   Then I need to get serious about deciding what yarn I want to use for the Art Deco project I’m starting on New Year’s Eve.  There are more projects added in the Ravelry project pages for this wrap and so  pretty.  I need to lay out all the possible yarns and make a final decision.  Are you going to knit along?

Food….. clothes…..pressing fabric and layering quilt ….. I’ve got my afternoon planned.



7 comments on “What to do next …..

  1. I love the way your Drop Stitch scarf turned out. What yarn did you use? I have made this scarf a couple of times but it never had the definition yours does. Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Denise, I’m planning on doing the Art Deco but haven’t got my yarn yet. VERY unsure of what to order. Going to check on Ravelry projects again. Please post what yarn you are ordering and I’ll take a look.
    The more I look the more confused I get.
    You and Judy are a bad influence on me and my credit card.

  3. Well another success for you Denise, you are so talented. From your blog I have started to knit and seem to have become obsessed with it. Every time I read your posts, another project is on the wish list. Your latest scarf has moved to the top of the list. Thanks for the inspiration. Cher in Victoria

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