The graduation quilt is layered.  There was a bit of a delay as I searched for 20 minutes or so for the stupid safety pins to pin baste it.  They container – which is not exactly small – was not in its normal location.  It’s a decorate tin- it’s a good size – it’s not flat on top so nothing can be stacked on it to hide it – it’s always in the sewing room on one shelf or another.  Not in sight.  But then I remembered when I had the leak in the sewing room and had to pull things out of closets and move things around. Then the search was really on and after checking several spots multiple times – found it on the edge of a shelf where it should not have fit, and it really didn’t, because the only thing holding it in place on the edge of the shelf was a quilt hanging next to it .    But the quilt is layered, one crease on the back has been removed and repined so not I think I just have to decide what color thread I want to quilt it with (or perhaps more correctly, what colors of thread do I have where I have enough to quilt this).     Then again – I could do each block in different thread since I have all those spools of thread a friend gave me when cleaning out her sister’s sewing stuff.

It also was sock washing day — the first day this fall/winter that I had gone through all the hand knit socks in my drawer (except for one pair in there and one on my feet).  So grabbed the bag of them (I have one of those reusable grocery totes in my closet – the perfect size to collect all the socks after I wear them and then tote them all to the laundry room.)  So my sewing room smells a bit “wet sheep” like right now.

20131130_6  Twenty-two pairs of socks.  Having to wash them every two weeks isn’t bad but I think being able to go a whole MONTH would be even better!  LOL  I need to get knitting.  Actually it’s not a big deal to wash them – they’ll be dry by tomorrow sometime and I’ll be good for another couple weeks.

I need to get my Dreambird edging finished off so I can start on another “swing knitting” project.  I found a cute little pattern on Ravelry for a swing cowl that should be really easy after Dreambird ….or I may just to wind the yarn now for that and see which one I decide to work on tonight 😉

I just realized it’s dinner time – no wonder I’m getting hungry.  The quilting elves did not make dinner for me will I was pin basting that quilt so I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

I also just came across this pattern .  I have some royal blue and bright yellow yarn that I think would be fun in this one.

and I love the edging on this one – but then I really like a lot of her patterns.

Okay – enough dreaming of new projects.





5 comments on “Progress!

  1. Denise, That’s a good way to handle your socks for washing, should never have a missing one. The Magrathea shawl is fantastic, wow! If I can get the lace figured out, this is a pattern I would love to make/wear, too. Still haven’t tackled socks, but working on afghan sampler blocks, first one is half way done (I’m a slow knitter.)

  2. Wow! Your sock assortment is amazing! I just started this year and have three pairs. Do you hand wash or put in washer on delicate? Can’t believe how much you accomplish in a day!

  3. Yay, some just quiltin’ stuff. =) I really like that quilt and love the way it turned out. I look forward to seeing how you solve the thread question.

  4. Your socks drying look so good. I have one of those indoor drying racks, but I’ve been using mine for quilting chores – log cabin strips, or any pattern that uses jelly rolls or any strip type blocks that need to be kept in order. I’d much rather be drying handmade sock with it!

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