There are friends…. and then there’s Judy……

Judy is a friend but I think for her sake and mine (and Vince’s) it is a very very good thing that she lives in Texas and I live in Wisconsin.

Yes, you know this is another blog post where I MUST blame Judy for my behavior.  She of course will deny anything to do with it but I believe I have a very rational explanation.

I had ordered the yarn I wanted from ESK’s black Friday sale.  Just one kind for a specific pattern.  It was a bargain between my $15 gift certificate and the 15% off I won for the sale.  That was it; I was done yarn shopping.

Then Judy sends me this email this morning after I was feeling quite good about not going yarn shopping crazy:

      “Just waiting to see if I can grab a few skeins of Wollmeise DK when that goes up.”

Wollmeise??? I didn’t remember seeing anything about Wollmeise in TLE update/email.  So I went back to reread it and sure enough – some time today there would be a restock put up.  If you know anything about Wollmeise – it doesn’t last long.  I’m not partial to the sock yarn but the DK works so nice in other things and shows the stitch definition so well  and it comes in larger than the norm hanks than most DK weights.    So I just happened to click on the Wollmeise tab and lo and behold it was there!  I believe the gray sky opened up and a beam of light from the heavens came shining down upon me.  Yes – I was meant to buy some Wollmeise!!

Now – I know you have to be FAST! or it would be gone before you even got to check out.  So I put a couple of one color in my cart and checked out.  Success!!! Whew! that was fun.  And being the good friend I am – I emailed Judy quickly  saying “Wollmeise up!” just in case she wasn’t madly refreshing her screen every 10 minutes to see if it was up yet.

Then I looked and I was so distracted by the fact that there was actually Wollmeise on the site that I could get, I didn’t notice that I had some “loopy dollars” just waiting in my account to be used.  Free yarn – who could pass that up.

So dare I try I again.  Sure — go back to the Wollmeise page — many colors are gone already but I get some lovely green — check out, remember to apply loopy dollars this time — success again!!!!

But then — yes I should have walked away from the computer —   but I didn’t and I’m looking at my Loopy Ewe rewards account and I’m so close to the next rewards level — at that level, one of the rewards is you become a “Loopy Legend” and get to have a yarn color designed for you  (remember that bad influence Judy became a Loopy Legend earlier this year with her “Judy’s Favorite Quilt” yarn color — of which I had to buy some previously and of course that was her fault too!).  I plan to never be that close to Legend status again, and it starts over at the end of each year, so you know what happened……..

Yes – I might as well place that last order to reach that level.  Back to the Wollmeise page…. much slimmer pickings but I had success this time too – getting some single colors  – I’m thinking maybe colorwork cowls and mittens.

Yes – I think it’s much safer that Judy is in Texas and I’m in Wisconsin.  Can you imagine if we lived near each other and there was a yarn sale — we would both lose our “I hate shopping ways” and be headed down  the road to do some serious yarn shopping and you know that if you are with a friend shopping you do far more damage than if you were by yourself.   And if we both happened to live near the Loopy Ewe — Let’s not even think about that!!! Oh the horror! LOL


Then there was Lil’ Loopy looking quite smug, spinning around on the yearn  yarn swift, clutching that credit card dreaming of all the Wollmeise he could be diving into when it starts to arrive.  I finally wrestled the card away from him and hid it so he could not place any orders on his own!

I can’t wait until next week when the Boxes of Fun start arriving.  Merry Christmas to me!

So I need to organize my Ravelry que  and library one of these days – matching up yarn to projects  I want to make since 2014 will be the year of “Knit from the Stash”.

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  1. what does dk stand for? i was given a pattern that called for dk. but never said what aount of yarn. i use to knit 1968, where all was cheap and worsted-lol. I am going to JoAnns Monday and was wondering if you would tell me

    • It stands for Double Knitting — a type of yarn, like Worsted or Fingering is a type of yarn. You get more stitches per inch with DK than with Worsted. If you look online for a yarn weight chart you’ll see it listed there with the comparisons

  2. Oh Guffaw! Between you and Judy today, I’ve been belly laughing for the last half an hour! You’re just as funny as she is – and I love that you blame each other. I’m gong to start just blaming you both – blanket blaming will now commence.

  3. Okay Denise…your Lil Loopy has caught my attention! Where can I find a pattern for him? My dear granddaughter is wanting me to make a lamb…and search as I may…nothing is cuter than yours!! Please share.

    Love your daily ramblings,

    • He’s the mascot for The Loopy Ewe yarn (and now fabric) shop. Click the link I have in the right sidebar to get to the online shop. He’s listed in the Accessories category.

  4. Maybe I can blame Judy too – I didn’t know about TLE or Wollmeise until I started following her blog. Which led to me following your blog which led to all of the ESK purchases today… Lots of fun and I didn’t have to leave the house!

  5. Do you have TWO friends named Judy who live in Texas? I know you aren’t saying all those things about me! :) One thing for sure . . no matter where we live, we’ll never run out of yarn! I keep asking Vince if he wouldn’t like to retire in CO . . maybe around Fort Collins?? Heard it’s very nice there! Want us to swing by and get you on our way? :)

    • You are WISHIN I had two friends named Judy in Texas. I asked Sheri to put the bunk beds up in the shop so we have a place to stay. I do love the mountains in Colorado! :-)

  6. love your post. Glad I don’t live near either of you…..I have a stash of both fabric and yarn that I cannot live long enough to use.and do I still shop… ofcourse

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