ESK BFS complete

While others have been standing out in the cold, waiting in lines, being made dizzy by the array of sale signs in the stores, at 8:00 a.m. I turned on the computer, opened up the Eat Sleep Knit website,, updated my cart to make sure the yarn I wanted was still there in the quantity I wanted, placed the order and by 8:02 a.m. my Black Friday Shopping was complete.  🙂 At 8:57 I got notification it has been completed and is shipping out today.  I’d love to know how many 10K shoppers, who were able to shop an hour earlier than the general knitting community, were logged onto that site at 8:00 a.m. this morning and how many orders they received in that first hour. LOL  (That is – shoppers  other than Judy and I. ) 🙂

I stuck to my plan – I only bought  some Tosh Vintage

b2519c1a43fe216165d23386ca438a73 to make Autumn Leaves Stole.  I’ve got a milk chocolatey colored coat and I think this color may look good against that.

In addition to the Miss Babs I previously posted that I received this week (and those colors have been calling to me the last several days that they want to be used NOW! but so far I’ve ignored them), this arrived ….


On the left – the green is  Stroll Tweed.  It’s a fingering weight and will be for either (always subject to change of course by the time I actually get around to using it — but I bought it to make either a big snuggly wrap or there is enough for a sweater.   The darker on the right is Wool of the Andes Tween in Farmhouse Heather.  The color is slightly different in person – it’s sort of a brown but kind of reddish undertones maybe — it’s a unique shade of brown and was exactly want I was looking for to make Tivoli.



7 comments on “ESK BFS complete

  1. I used some Stroll City Tweed recently in Orca to make a cowl/scarf. It is so nice and cushy and I really liked the tweed effect. Luckily I did not have a splitting issue-don’t you just hate that!

  2. I was logged in at 8 a.m. and may or may not have placed several orders. I did not not get either of those elusive 50% or 100% discounts though. Now I must get back to knitting to make room for these new orders.

  3. The Stroll Tweed is very splitty. I do like how it knits up, but frustrated that it splits so easily. The colors are very nice.

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