Black Friday shopping

So you head out to the stores on Black Friday or whatever time in the week hours of the morning or night before that the stores now open.  As you might imagine – since I hate shopping for just about anything (you know the exception is yarn and fabric of course) – I do not venture out that day.  There’s no way I’d stand in line at 3 am (or any other time for that matter) to get in a store.

However I have been awaiting the ESK Black Friday sale announcement to see if they were doing it this year. 🙂  The email announcement has arrived so I’ve been doing some planning.  You know both Judy (who also hates shopping) and I have been very good Black Friday customers in the past. LOL  Our yarn stashes reflect that.  It’s a yarn sale – those don’t happen often in my favorite online shops (or local yarn shops for that matter) – and then there’s the luck of the draw– the percentage off your order that you don’t know until after you’ve checked out — and the lure of that elusive 50% off or totally free order.

Here’s last year’s haul — and that photo reminds me the vest in that brown alpaca is waiting to be finished!

This year, I have a plan and no sock yarn or simply random buying is involved.  I want to make this wrap so I’ll be buying the yarn for that – and that only – at least that’s my plan.  If I end up with a big percentage off (plus I have some scratch ticket winnings on credit to use), then just maybe I’ll be tempted to order more.  By worsted weight for that wrap – that is my shopping plan for tomorrow.

I have not spent all morning looking at patterns and trying to decide what yarn I want to use.  The sewing room table is cleared off,  room vacuumed, most of the other clutter in that room put back on shelves and in the closet where they belong.

And was there yarn that already arrived this week — yes my Miss Babbs arrived.

missbabs Aren’t those colors gorgeous!  And doesn’t that little hank of sock yarn on the right look puny. LOL  The sock yarn is Northumbria BFL and the color is Celebration.  The middle is Babbette Yowza in Funny Papers and the one on the left is Babbette Yowza in Bat S**t Crazy. 🙂

And, after sitting around for close to 4 months, I finally cooked up the wireless router my parents sent for my birthday in July. 🙂  I kept forgetting to bring it home from the office and then I was a bit leery it would be a pain to set up.  It did have some issues trying to connect so after repeated attempts of unplugging modems, replugging modems, unplugging router, changing cable to correct slot in router! 😉  – finally it connected so now I can move the computer about.

Wow in one year- updated from dial up to high speed internet  and now wireless.  Next thing you know I’ll really be hopping into this century and getting a cell phone….. no – don’t hold your breath for that one. LOL  That won’t be happening.  But since the sewing room gets so chilly in the winter I can just grab the lap top and take it in the other room now which will be really nice.


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  1. Have you considered covering the sewing room window with a window quilt for insulation purposes? That is not fair to have space that cannot be used due to lack of heat.

  2. i’m with you Denise – can’t think of any reason I would stand in line in the dark just to shop. I don’t mind going out later in the day on Black Friday. Our grandkids are all here however, so I doubt that I’ll do any shopping this year.

  3. Denise, Happy Thanksgiving to you! You are to be congratulated! I went thru that recently with my router, wireless connector, etc., and it wasn’t very pretty. Thankfully, my daughter helped me out, it was just beyond my understanding. I have a Kindle Fire HD, the little one, and it’s so fun to sit at the breakfast table and have the wireless connect me to the internet to check email, shop, or do whatever I want. It connects quickly, too, when I need to hook up where I can find service available, church, the local coffee shop. You can get more features with it, but this fits my needs and my budget – only the one internet connection to home and the wireless connections.

    I must give you a heads up on trying my cell phone company, at The prices are just what you see there. I’ve been with them for maybe 5 years now, and it meets all my needs. Sure you can pay more with the other phone companies, but I find this is all I could want. For a home telephone, I bought the MagicJack that plugs into the wall. The price is perfect, too, (go look and see online) and whenever I have had a question for either company mentioned, they already have an answer ready online.

    • I’m not interested in any cell phone no matter what the cost. It’s just not something I need. Yes – I’ll be able to easily add books to my Nook now rather than taking it into the office to connect to the Wi-Fi there.

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