Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

No – that’s not what I had for dinner! 🙂  It’s the color name of this yarn.

hawaiianbobtailsquid The colors are a bit darker than the flash makes them look but there’s a wide variety of colors.   It’s been sitting in a basket on the bookshelf because I knew I wanted to make something with it fairly soon after I got it.  Well I don’t know that it’s still “fairly soon” but I decided it needed to be wound into a ball tonight and after I finish this blog post, I’m going to put my jammies on, get my blankie and go get cozy in the big chair and knit for the rest of the night.

(Trust me – that’s the safest place for me – I just went to grab my bottle of diet Dr. Pepper and knocked it over on the table next to the computer.  It splashed on the wall, just missed the phone modem box and power strip.  Then I set it down quickly on the table which caused it to foam up all over the corner of the table.   I grabbed this yarn up before it could get to the yarn, slid the computer over out of the path, as it then dripped to the carpet.  SHEESH!!!    Yes sitting quietly and knitting is PERHAPS safe.) LOL

There are plenty of socks in progress that could be worked on but then I’d have to go dig out that container, go somewhere else to find the pattern and it’s way more fun to start a new pair.  So we’ll see how far I get before tomorrow’s  – no wait – tomorrow is only Thursday so before Friday’s On the Needles post.

I’ll be all messed up on my days since I took Friday off work.  There were far fewer bodies at the office today than the norm and they slowly started dwindling even more from noon on.  First one boss left me, and when the second one came to tell me he was leaving I told him I would pretty much then lose the will to work.  He totally agreed I should probably leave.  LOL  So checked the bus schedule and  half hour later I was out the door.   Stopped at the grocery store since I hadn’t picked up much last time I went, having forgotten I’d be home for a 4 day weekend — boy was that a zoo!  But I’m well stocked again – if I don’t keep dumping over soda.  Besides – I had forgotten to buy cranberry sauce!

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for nearly two months and purposely didn’t buy the cranberry sauce last time I was at the store figuring it had to be very very bad (cause I don’t like the real berry stuff – it has to be jellied).  But I actually checked before I went to the store and it was not as bad as I thought so I’ll have some with my Cornish Hen. I also decided I deserved pumpkin pie too.  I didn’t want to make one because I knew if there was too much here I’d eat it but they had cute smaller pies at the store so I’m all set.  But most importantly, the real reason I had to stop at the store — no coffee in the house.  I cannot survive 4 days at home with no coffee!  🙂  Quilting, knitting — those tasks require intake of coffee periodically.   And my favorite – Toasted Southern Pecan – on sale even so made it all worth the trip.   Hmm maybe after putting on the jammies and before settling in the comfy chair some pie and coffee is in order……

Anyway – back to the socks — I’ll be making this pattern.  I just love the texture in them and tho they look a bit cable-like, there are no cables (because yes you know I don’t like making cables).

Hope you have a relaxing even planned.  Now to start the coffee pot, start a load of laundry (to throw in the towel that sopped up the soda), jammies, fill coffee cup, pie, comfy chair, knitting …. ……


5 comments on “Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

  1. Love the socks you are working on. Had to put that pattern in my library. I’m working on the circle socks and hope to have them done by Christmas for my DIL.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Have a fun weekend knitting and quilting. Love the yarn and the pattern is great! Looks like a fairly quick knit. I hope to start an advent scarf Sunday. Wonder if I could get a pair of these socks done before then…LOL! Thank you for a fantastic blog. It’s the one I always look forward to reading.

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