Knitting frenzy

I  have been knitting like crazy lately — no secret there.  You see more knitting stuff right now on the blog than quilting  — that’s just the way it goes sometimes.   I have many quilting projects that I want to make, tons of quilts to get quilted,  and hopefully will get all that jump started soon — like later this week.

But wooly stuff is needed now that the cold weather and snow is starting to settle in.

I started this hat, Béret généreux on Saturday night – and finished it Monday night.   It’s pretty in this first photo, but look at what you see when you look at the crown of the hat. 🙂





20131126_2Isn’t that snowflakey star cool!    It’s a super warm hat since its stranded – like having a double thickness – and I did it with two handed knitting  so there’s no long floats on the inside.

The only problem — it’s too loose.  Definitely needs a change in needle size.    I’m going to try to see if I can get it to shrink just  a bit in the dryer so it will either work or I may have a mess — only time will tell. LOL



20131126_3And I’ve been making some progress on my Ananke.



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