The Show Off……….

Yes – you KNOW that is exactly what the cat is thinking — just look at its face.  It’s not impressed that a cardinal can ice skate at all…. the show off!    Then again, you know the cat is also a bit disgruntled that it’s been made to wear a shawl and a hat in the first place!

show off

I do have to blame Judy for my time playing in EQ and trying to get the bird’s ice skates at the right angle!   Why is she to blame when it didn’t involve yarn buying at all??  Because she posted this  photo of the oh so bright cardinal on her bird bath.  Then she was posting  photos of the ice there in Texas { and yes I was snickering a bit to myself when I saw them since as a general rule Texas weather is not colder and icier than Wisconsin! — but don’t tell her because it was kind of mean of me to be snickering }.

Anyway, the ice and the bird photo reminded me of my birds wearing stocking caps and boots, so I figured if a bird could wear boots, well it surely could wear ice skates!  So then I had to go play in EQ to see if I could get the bird dressed in his skates and of course had to add in the “Boots” looking cat.  The face coloring is a bit different  from Boots tho.   But as I told her, I had to stop playing in EQ and go knit for a while because “I just could not get the earmuffs on my squirrel correct”…. now how often does that phrase come up in conversation??! 🙂   Another question to ponder as a knit — would a Deer wear socks on his antlers or mittens????


23 comments on “The Show Off……….

  1. Love it! It’s so cute! Would love to make one for my daughter because your cat looks just like hers.
    Please think about it—it does fit you birds quilts, which I love. I guess I love your sense of humor.

  2. Another cute idea, but I’m not surprised coming from you. Boots really does look a bit put out about the cardinal garnering all the attention. (giggling here).

  3. At first I just saw the bird ice skating and I thought, “Oh boy. She came up with a surprise for the birds block.” LOL. I saw the rest of the design and read the blog content. I think it is perfect with the hat. I think mittens on the deer’s antlers. Actually make that gloves–you know the fingers can go over each prong on the rack.

  4. Denise I would adore to have the pattern to make for myself
    (8 cats) and others, it is perfection once again!

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