Chilly Saturday morning

No wonder I had to kick the heat on this a.m. to take the chill out – it’s 17 degrees outside. LOL  Tho I opened the door to see what it was like and it didn’t really feel too bad.  But I didn’t do more that stick my head out.

I spent a good part of last night search Ravelry for a new pattern – that’s never good.  I added several I liked to my library but didn’t really find what I was looking for (mostly since it was one of those things — when I saw it, I would know that’s the one!) LOL  The new coat I ordered arrived and of course I will need winter paraphanalia to wear with it.   So many decisions — do I want a scarf or cowl, if scarf – rectangular or more of a shawl shape – hat (I hate wearing hats) so maybe long cowl I can pull up on my head — what kind of  yarn to use — finding a pattern I like but not having the right weight yarn — what color.   I finally went digging through the UFO binds to see what I might see in there.

Two things jumped out — a triangular scarf that would probably look good with the coat color.  It’s a fingering weight but its a single so feels more fuzzy and substantial than normal  fingering weight and should be nice and soft to wear.

This also jumped out…  It’s my Minimalist Cardigan I started back here.      The back is done, part of a front is done I (dang that’s where one of my favorite needles were hiding – in this sweater!).   So as I was checking out what I had knit so far, I was looking at the back section thinking it just didn’t look long enough.

minimalist  Off to the mirror to try to hold up the back so see how it looks.    I don’t know what I was thinking as I was knitting it because it definitely is not long enough from neck edge to bottom.    So I think this one is going to get added to the finished UFO list by getting ripped out.   This yarn may become some kind of  textured big wrap since it does show stitch definition well and I have a lot of it.   Or maybe another sweater but I have a favorite sweater I bought that is this exact color so not sure I really need two.   You know this means back to Ravelry to check out more patterns! LOL


2 comments on “Chilly Saturday morning

  1. that is just so much pretty work to have to rip out. I have been wondering if you really have enough needles to keep all the ufos on needles.

    • Yes but it’s way more annoying to finish a sweater that is too short. LOL And yes, I do have enough needles for all the UFOs – tho some get slipped onto other needles to hold the project if I happen to want the needles they are on — but there aren’t many UFOs left other than socks.

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