On the Needles Friday – Nov. 22, 2013

It’s been a busy knitting week of finishes.  I posted earlier this week the Pothos socks I finished, the drop stitch scarf is off the needles and will hopefully get blocked this weekend.  And here’s a photo of the Ruffled Scarf.  It of course doesn’t look like much hanging on that door knob. 🙂

ruffled scarfI’m trying to decide if I want to steam block the ruffled edge a bit – that should relax it so it’s not quite so kinky.  But it’s just long enough that it goes around your neck and can be held in place with a fancy pin and a little bit of the ends hanging down.  It will be a little spark of color for a plain sweater.  I may just leave it all kinky and wild looking.

My mohair/silk “Fluff” scarf is coming along slowly but surely.  It’s no real conducive to “bus ride knitting.”


Now that its dark when I go to and from work – the lights in the bus that are on are dull and a weird color and trying to see that skinny yarn can be a bit tricky and I keep catching part of the stitch below so this will probably be  a stay at home project.


So, had to find something else to knit on the bus yesterday and pulled another lonely sock out of the sock basket.  I had just cast on and knit a row or two of the second sock when it got put in away.  So a little more progress has been made on these Basket Weave Rib socks – which gives them a little texture.  The foot on these looks really wide but that’s just because I stopped the pattern stitch and didn’t continue it down the top of the foot – but then again, they are sort of wide cause I have a wide foot.


basketweaveribsocksAnd I did indeed find another scarf I had started – Just Enough Ruffle – so I’m hoping to get that one finished soon since I really love the color of the yarn its in.  So time to go get snuggled in for the evening to knit.  I was surprised to walk out to snow this morning  – most of which went away during the day despite the really cold wind.  But temps are supposed to drop so don’t think I’ll stick my head out the door this weekend at all!


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9 comments on “On the Needles Friday – Nov. 22, 2013

  1. Your Kinky ruffle scarf looks great just the way it is IMHO. With a pretty pin like you said, it will be perfect. I love the color and texture of your socks too.

    • Yes I decided I’m going to leave it kinked – because of the type of yarn I’m not sure it would change the appearance to much with steam blocking and having to hold those edges flat and steam block — that just sounds like way too many bad words would come out of my mouth due to steamed fingers. LOL

  2. I love my Beam N Read light for when it’s too dark to see what I’m doing. When i’m not using it, I even keep spare batteries with it in the storage bag so I don’t get caught in the dark. 🙂

    Such gorgeous things you have going on.

    • I haven’t looked at that particular brand of light – in general LED light is too harsh for my eyes. And I’m not too sure the others on the bus would like it since I knit with my hands more in front of me than down in my lap. LOL

    • It’s a fun one — I’d like one a little longer but there’s 648 stitches in the outermost edges of the ruffle — I don’t now if I could stand to cast on more. LOL But a Yowza hank might be just the thing to use now that I think about it. Hmmmmm maybe I do need a longer one! 🙂

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