Blocking Wires

I finally got around to trying out the flexible blocking wires I bought from Inspinknity.  I really like them.  I bought the finer wire set which are for lace weight and light fingering weight since most of what I make is sock yarn weight.  What I blocked with them, Quaker Yarn Stretcher, was actuallty made with heavier yarn.  They worked just fine for it but if you were blocking something within an inch of it’s life, the heaver wires would be more useful to be able to block it out tighter.

blockingThis photo was taken before I went back and adjusted the pins in the curve to even it out but the flexible wires were so easy to thread through – you can actually make a circle out of them and pull the loop and they don’t kink.  I think I will definitely need to get a set for heavier yarns.    And — no pokes, scratches or unintentional acupuncture while working with them!

The cowl on the left – That Nice Stitch – is just on regular wires – once it’s dry I can finish it off.  That yarn  is so lovely and soft.

The dreary day has not abated – time to put in a movie and get back to my cowl, I’m almost half done with it.

And there is a pan of raspberry peach double crisp in the oven that is beginning to smell incredibly good.



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  1. I too ordered the wires but I think I got the heavier ones. Wish you or Judy would give a little lesson on blocking. I need to order the straight wires. I have almost got my Dreambird done and will need to block.
    Thanks for all your help

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