Next pair of socks

porthosmusketeersocksThis is the next pair of socks I pulled out of the lonely single sock basket to finish as part of my great Socktober pair up.

Now the hard part is I looked at the sock and thought hmmmm what pattern is that (since only a very highly over-organized person would actually have the pattern put away with the sock in progress!)   I pulled out a second sock – wow – no clue what pattern that one was.  LOL   I had recently gathered all the patterns that were laying here and there and tossed them all in a box to go through later.   So a quick delve into the  box turned up the second mystery sock pattern – aha! yes that’s what pattern that sock was.  And shortly after that I found the pattern for these.

This is the Porthos Musketeer Socks by Caoua Coffee.  These have great texture in them – way better than in my photo – but I so love the colors in this yarn but without looking back to wherever I started this sock, I’m not sure what kind of yarn this one is.  When I pulled this sock out of the basket last night it only had about 4 rows of ribbing started on the second sock so I made pretty good headway last night and after I get past the first pattern repeat, I can read the knitting to tell what comes next. I love those kinds of patterns!

Today in the mail my yarn for the ESK Sock-Along arrived so I need to get that ready to go so I can start on those socks. The Sock-Along begins tomorrow but  I’ve got to mid-December to get them done.


Song Birds correction

Thank you Lynnita for letting me know I forgot to add the Treble Clef pattern to the Song Birds down load.  There is now a separate link to it below the Song Birds download link on the Strictly for the Birds project page.  So be sure if you haven’t downloaded yet you get both downloads.

And if you’ve already downloaded the main pattern, here’s  the link to just the Treble Clef.