Closing in on Six Miles!

I just updated  the Sticks ‘n Strings page with the two latest pairs of socks I finished — the Brown Eyed Susan ones I previously posted and then today I finished off another pair (or they will be finished as soon as I grab the needle to sew the toe up.  That brings me to not quite 6 miles of yarn I have knitted so far this year (actually I’ve knit over 6 miles but I haven’t finished some of those projects yet and they don’t get counted until they are finished.)

I have met ONE of my Sticks ‘n Strings goals!!!  I wanted to complete 13 projects from the unfinished knittery baskets and I now have.  (I’ve not done so well on the other challenge goals I set myself but we won’t discuss those now!). LOL

That makes two pair done so for my Sept/Oct Socktoberfest challenge — two new pair for the sock drawer and two pair out of the unfinished basket!

UFO Finish 13 -Smooshy with Cashmere in  NoSeeums Color - Simple SKYP socks

UFO Finish 13 -Smooshy with Cashmere in NoSeeums Color – Simple SKYP socks

I love this yarn – Smooshy with Cashmere – it feels so wonderful and I particular love the colors in this – No See-Ums.  It was one of the yarns from Camp Loopy last year. I’ll have to go rummaging and see what socks to work on next while I await my ESK yarn for the Sock-Along which starts Oct. 1.  It should be arriving right about that time. How are you coming on your Sticks ‘n Strings challenge?


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Felted Coasters/Mug Rugs

Earlier this weekend I posted a link to some really cute felted coasters on Ravelry (where else).  I thought they would make fantastic gifts and a good thing to have around  when you might like a little gifty to give to someone.  My plan was to order some yarn (yes I have no Noro in the stash to felt with and that yarn is what makes them so pretty in my opinion) and make some up.

But then, in my search for that dang piece of missing fabric yesterday, I came across just the thing I needed!  Not the fabric – which I’ve since ceased looking for but three felted bags I had made at least two Christmases ago if not three.  One was the very first Booga bag I made and it was very small when it was finished.  I used it for a project bag for socks for a while but it was even a bit small for that so it got stuffed on a closet shelf.


There’s one piece left – just a bit shy of the coaster size and I’m thinking that I’ll toss it in my kitchen drawer by the stove.  The handles on my glass pot lids are metal and they can get hot and a potholder is sometimes a bit akward to grab them with — that felted piece will probably be just perfect to use for that purpose.

The two larger pieces were variations on the Booga bag where I played with different sizes and shapes.  The green one on the bottom turned out too wide and not high enough and the one on the top (don’t ya love those colors) the size wasn’t too bad but the handles (which I’ve removed) were not long enough so I stopped using  it.  I like my bags to have long enough handles to toss them over my shoulder and this one didn’t.

Both those larger pieces are doubled over so there’s twice the amount you can see.  I think I want to toss them once more in the washer to felt them just a bit more densely, then they need a haircut (sweater shaver to get rid of any fuzzies) and they can be cut into more coasters.

And now looking at these  once-bags and remembering these bag handles I bought at WI Quilt Expo, I’m debating if I want to use them on a quilted bag or a felted bag — so many decisions!


Stashbusting report and Songbirds are singing

Does it count as stashbusting if I lose the fabric????  That seems to be the only way I’ll make any headway.

Yesterday I was looking for the background fabric for my frozen delights applique blocks.  I had it less than two weeks ago but in that time there was a leaking in my sewing room closet so I had to pull stuff out of the closet and move stuff to safety — but seriously it’s not really messy — and I had been cleaning up the rearranging furniture in the living room – which at one point that fabric was on the table in there.  I have searched high and low several times.  While I had a computer backup running yesterday, I straightened up the few stacks of fabric that were sitting about and put them back on the shelves, dug through the blogs/tops I had pulled out of the closet to safety to make sure it didn’t get messed in.  It will show up eventually but it’s so irritating!!

So no fabric in (can’t even remember the last time I bought fabric) and no fabric out since I can’t remember the last time I completed a project!  I guess it’s good I’m not adding fabric while not completing things but I need to spend a week or two in that sewing room (I think I feel a vacation coming on) LOL

More exciting that the loss of my fabric is the early release of the October Strictly for the Birds project design called Songbirds.  I was up early this morning and thought September is just about done and I need to get this one written up and voila it’s done.  I totally sacrificed by not even having had breakfast yet (but lots of coffee!).   And check out the info at the end of the pattern — if you’ve made any of the Songbird designs or have them in progress (actual stitching has occurred!) 🙂 there is info there to join in the random drawing for the very last Strictly for the Birds mouse pad.  So, as always,  click on the project button in the sidebar  to get to the link to the pattern download.


I’ve also been playing with some giveaway ideas for next years Dog Pound Pal Adoption Society quilt-along project.

You can do many fun things with Vista Print.  That’s where I got the mouse pads for the two project this year for the giveaways, along with some pens and a tote bag or two with the same logos on them.

None of the images below are the finished product since I’m still trying to decide what, if anything I might like and I just plugged one of the photos I I had handy because on the things with multiple photos there would be different dogs from the project.  I do think I need to make me a coffee cup tho for sure although I’d like it much better if it was a bigger cup. LOL   And I really like the calendar – it’s magnetic and I could use one of those on my fridge or the side of my cabinet at work.  Okay – enough playing — I need to go get dressed and get something to eat.  I am NOT searching for that missing fabric anymore.  (I wasn’t sure there was enough left to make all the blocks I wanted anyway) so I may turn my three little blocks into a little wall hanging and restart the larger project after I get (yes I need to buy!) some background fabric.  The only backgrounds I have are cream or tannish and I want white white to make all the bright frozen treats really pop against the background (yep that’s a great excuse to have to buy fabric!)

vistabag dpp