Planning Projects for 2013 – Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society

DDRUDPO_patLGI’ve been thinking about what projects I personally want to make next year.  My sewing time is at a premium with so many things to do.  I do best with applique projects because I can get the blocks ready and then sit and hand stitch them at night.  Coming home from sitting at a desk all day and then trying to sit at a sewing machine just doesn’t  work for me.  My machine sewing is usually just on the weekends and lately – not even then.  I need to get back at it.

There are two projects I definitely want to make and simply haven’t gotten around to starting.  One of those projects is making a quilt from the Dog Pound Pals block collection.

DDRUDPO_zoom  I don’t know what the final design will look like.  I do plan to include some of the other dog blocks, or parts of them, that appeared in Quiltmaker magazine from the lsdl magcenter of Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – perhaps single dogs along a border or maybe in a different size – who knows but  I love those dogs running in circles. 🙂

So here’s the idea … which is by no means concrete yet.  I plan to stitch a block or two a month.  I will be designing a new layout for this project.  I have not decided finished size or anything like that because I don’t know what the layouts will be but the applique blocks will be no smaller than 12″ finished.

But, I’ll be doing it as a stitch along for those who want to applique along with me and who have purchased the block collection from

Those who stitch along on this project will receive the directions for whatever the final quilt layout ends up being so they can use it to set their blocks together – yes you have to be daring and live on the edge because you won’t see the final layout until the end or near the end.  And I will be posting tips and techniques along the way and ideas for embellishment.  And who knows there may even be a new dog or two to add into the mix (but I’m not making any promises on that part!)

I plan to start in January  or February and it will be at least a year long project, perhaps a month or two longer than that (I  will be searching out dog hair looking fabrics between now and then!) Would you like to adopt these doggies?? 🙂 Then join me!  Hmmmm I’m going to have to think of some dog themed giveaway goodies!  (No I will not go to the dog pound and send you a real live dog — never fear!)

So, since one of the requirements is that you purchase the Dog Pound Pal block collection from, I decided to announce this now (despite the fact that I don’t have all the logistics figured out) since there is a sale going on at eqboutique!

The sale only runs through tomorrow – but they’ve been running quite a few sales lately (I just don’t know the timing of when the next one might be but always pass that info along when I learn of it.)


If you’re interested in participating in the Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society (stitch along), please leave a comment on this post so I have an idea whether or not there is any interest (or if I’ll be stitching alone) 🙂  It does not mean you need to purchase the block collection at this time – but before we start, anyone participating must purchase their own copy of the block collection.  I’m simply posted it now since the sale is on and to give you time to think about it.  There will be more details posted at the end of the year.

If you’ve never purchased from EQ Boutique before – info on how it works is all on the website.  You DO have to have a windows based computer for the free software that allows you to print blocks in any size so if you are a Mac user, EQ Boutique will not work on your computers.