Design Wall Monday

My design walls are so boring — I haven’t had time to work on anything.  CTS is still on one – someday I may bet it’s sashing strips- maybe…..

Three lonely little frozen treats are on the other one along with the background fabric I plan for that project but I need to actually make the rest of the blocks before getting around to that backing. LOL

Here’s one of the little ice cream bars —

pp  They are just about true to size to the real thing as evidenced by the frozen treat stick someone left in my sewing room last night…. the quilting elves must have been eating in there!

So no real progress in the sewing room, other than a mess.  At least the leak in the ceiling has not leaked anymore so we’re assuming one of the neighbors upstairs forgot to close a shower curtain or something similar and that’s why water leaked into my closet (someone will be speaking to them about that).  So now I’ve got to figure out what I want to put back in that closet (and I will be putting the plastic paint tarps over it just in case! since I do not want a rerun (no pun intended) of the bleeding quilt!

Of course when my parents were here they had to check out the sewing room — sure, go look at the messy room — actually they love to see the stacks of fabric on the shelves – it’s an amazing thing to them so they had to see if it had grown since last time they were here about a year ago.   LOL   I didn’t ask them if they wanted to see the yarn inventory.  They thought I had a lot out in the baskets on one shelf in the living room — that’s just the stuff in progress and a basket of ones I want to use soon — a mere pittance. 🙂

My Juneberry Triangle, Loopy 4th quarter project, is still on the needles — I think I scared it into submission when I threatened to rip it off the needles and make something else for my 4th quarter project.  So far it is behaving and I’ve just got about two rows left on the chart I’m working on before moving on to the next chart sequence.  I haven’t bothered to look at how many charts there are or how long they are — just forging ahead one step at a time.

dkIt just looks like a lump  because of the short needles I have it on but at least it’s still on the needles. 🙂

While looking for something else I did come across this  – Noro sock — way to pricky for me to want to make socks out of it but it would make good Dreambird feathers………. 🙂

(at some point in the distant future when I have actually finished my current one.)