Enough for one day

I started out the day majorly cleaning the living room, moving furniture, emptying the closet, sorting books, dvds and videotapes to decide which ones I no longer want to keep.  The sorting took quite a while but resulted in two large boxes of stuff to get rid of and another bag of family friendly dvds and videos for a coworker with a little girl who will love them.  Sorted out the closet, did some laundry, much dusting and removing of dust webs from the ceiling corners.  Just as I was about ready to call it quits – that’s when I discovered the leak in the closet so then had to go about pulling things out of the closet so nothing else would get wet and throwing a plastic tarp over the shelf of stuff I have in there that I really don’t want to have to pull out.  I had planned to be knitting at that point — NOT emptying the closet.

Emergency maintenance has been here – checked one apartment upstairs where no one was home but he  went in and didn’t see anything amiss that might be leaking.  The other apartment – no one was home and they have dogs so he couldn’t go in.  But I’ve since talked to that neighbor so they are aware something is leaking and will be on the lookout and tomorrow the regular maintenance people will investigate further.

So basically I pretty much finished cleaning the living room, but messed up my bedroom and the sewing room moving stuff out of the sewing room closet and into the bedroom. LOL  The bedroom will wait for another day – I had planned to clean that tomorrow nite  anyway  (tho I need to take the yarn tubs off the bed so I can sleep on it tonight) but I am done doing any work more strenuous than making dinner and I think I’m going to spoil that dinner (not really since I never did have lunch) by having a fruitsicle first since it will be a while before my dinner is done and then knit.

Tomorrow has to be a better day (and it will be because there will be a Box of Fun delivered with my Loopy Ewe 4th Quarter Challenge yarn in it! 🙂


quilty disaster!

It’s raining outside and guess what — yes it was raining apparently in the closet in my sewing room!   Okay – it was not rain it was something leaking from one of the two apartments above me.  Because of the location, I’m not sure which one it’s coming from.  So a call to the after hours emergency maintenance dude and he should be here when he finishes another maintenance call he is already working on.

But the victim in this little closet waterfall was one of my quilts hanging on a hanger waiting to be quilted.    Actually several got damp but this one seems to have gotten particular wet (and I think this water leak has  been going on for a week or two but don’t know what’s triggering it).  The quilt that got it was one of the many Christmas quilts I’ve been working on for years because I’m making one for each family member/niece/nephew and want to give them all at one time.  So you can imagine – Christmas quilt equals lots of red fabric and dripping and slowly drying water equals  red bleeding on the white background.    So I’m a bit furious at the moment.

The maintenance team here is really good, they respond promptly, they are proactive – I can’t complain about them – but heck this is I believe the fourth leak in the years I have lived here — and all except one have been caused by something the tenant did so I will be interested in hearing just what the problem is this time.

In the meantime I’ll just be mad about my quilt.  One good thing – it’s a sampler style and wasn’t quilted yet so I could rip it all apart and get rid  of the blocks that are ruined  if I can’t get the red out and still salvage some of the others. Dagnabbit! – you know I’m saying much worse things but then again, the leak could have been worse so I’m trying to think positive.  But I’m positively miffed about that red bleeding down my quilt but am not going to deal with it today.  And while I know you would mean well,  please don’t leave me comments with all your remedies for getting it out — I know many methods and hearing helpful hints from someone is just not going to help the fact that I’m furious at the moment.   I, of course, will get over it but need to stew about it in peace without anyone telling me how they got the bleeds out of their projects.

Luckily on the top shelf of the closet I had tubs of the yarn stash so the water hit the plastic lids and caught some of it so it didn’t get even more things wet.  See — good thing I have that yarn stash that had to carry over to that closet! 🙂