Quiltmaker’s BACK TO SCHOOl Party

btsIt’s nearly time for Quiltmaker’s Back to School Party  — it starts next week.  A free quilt pattern will be presented in bits over the week so you can stitch along, it will be shown in many different fabric styles/combinations sewn by the team of Back to School quilters who I had a chance to chat with on Facebook as they were each stitching their version of the quilt with the fabrics they were given and get the sneak peaks of all the finished quilts.  And what’s really exciting — for me — is they were stitching one of my patterns!

Quiltmaker chose one of my designs for this year’s project.  🙂

You can find the preliminary info regarding fabric requirements on Quiltmaker’s Quilty Pleasures Blog.   The design is called Playground.    Be sure to go back to the blog to get each day’s instructions and you just might find some giveaways too!

So download that fabric chart, head to your stash, and pull some fabrics to get ready to stitch!



4 comments on “Quiltmaker’s BACK TO SCHOOl Party

  1. I LOVE this in the Florence fabric! What a fun and versatile pattern! Congratulations on having your pattern chosen!

  2. How funny! I’ve followed your blog for quite awhile and have downloaded several of your freebies. I’ve always loved the simple but playful style. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Quiltmaker BTS team members and was provileged to make this quilt. I never connected Just Quiltin’ With Denise with Denise Russart, the Playground pattern designer. I would encourage all your blog followers to check it out. The pattern was well done and the top went together very quickly. I had a ball making it.

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