Quiltmaker’s BACK TO SCHOOl Party

btsIt’s nearly time for Quiltmaker’s Back to School Party  — it starts next week.  A free quilt pattern will be presented in bits over the week so you can stitch along, it will be shown in many different fabric styles/combinations sewn by the team of Back to School quilters who I had a chance to chat with on Facebook as they were each stitching their version of the quilt with the fabrics they were given and get the sneak peaks of all the finished quilts.  And what’s really exciting — for me — is they were stitching one of my patterns!

Quiltmaker chose one of my designs for this year’s project.  🙂

You can find the preliminary info regarding fabric requirements on Quiltmaker’s Quilty Pleasures Blog.   The design is called Playground.    Be sure to go back to the blog to get each day’s instructions and you just might find some giveaways too!

So download that fabric chart, head to your stash, and pull some fabrics to get ready to stitch!



More on the needles

ruffThis is the photo I had posted at some previous post showing the start on this ruffle scarf.   And the second photo is where I am at now – one edge of the ruffle done and working on the middle section before working the ruffle on the opposite edge


Now clearly this woman has a smaller neck than me, and it may be due to the type of yarn I’m using, but my scarf is not going to be as long as hers.   Mine I think – unless it grows off the needles is going to be more of just a circle loop (like a cowl) without the  tail ends  that hang down.   Which is fine – still wearable and will make a lovely colorful addition to the neck of a sweater or blouse – just not what I really was going for. But I can see making this again – because I want one that is much much longer – longer tails even than in the photo — but I don’t even want to think about how many stitches that means I’ll have to cast on!!! Yikes!





I did make some more progress on my sock last night — I need to go searching for the plain brown I used for the toe of the other one because I will need that in just 2 or 3 more rows which means yes – I should have a pair of socks finished this weekend.  So I will have finished at least one pair during my September/October Socktoberfest challenge at least.  I forgot about the 4th quarter project coming up when I set myself the S/O Socktoberfest challenge so I may not get quite as many pairs of socks mated up as I had hoped but even one pair is one less pair waiting to be finished and one more pair in my drawer to wear when the winter weather commeth!

Speaking of winter weather — Monday of this week it was extremely hot and humid – 90+.  right now at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, it is currently 42 degrees — how’s that for a bit of a temperature switch.  It’s sunny and beautiful out and I’ve got the windows open to let in that cool fresh air!