On the Needles – Friday the 13TH!

Trust me – it has been a “Friday the 13th” in my world today.  So glad it’s the weekend.  It’s been a busy, busy , busy week and my poor brain feels burnt out and needs to sit on the couch and vegetate to old movies and knit.   It may need to knit on the ruffled scarf I’m working on rather than Dreambird because it’s much more mindless.  Or I may need to pick back up that sock I’m supposed to be finishing.

Anyway, there is new yarn to show which arrived earlier this week.  Poppy, that’s the color of that bright and stunning yarn on the right and it’s hard to believe those two skinny light hanks of lace yarn will make this lovely shawl .  The yarn is the same kind as called for the pattern — silk/mohair blend.  Those blues to the left — they just seemed to hop in to my cart – I have no idea how they got there!  I think there was an evil little loopy at work.    I particularly love the blue and yellow mixed ones — they seem to be the opposites of each other sort of — one more blue  and the other more yellow.

blues coral


I did a separate post for the separate Dreambird link up to Judy with my progress on my shawl there.    It’s looking great.



After much searching of patterns and searching of yarns for the Loopy Ewe Fourth Quarter Challenge on Wednesday night, I finally decided with some gentle prodding from that troublemaker Judy to do Juneberry Triangle Shawl.  Judy and I were emailing back and forth about what projects we were contemplating and when  I said I wasn’t sure I wanted to think that hard — she emailed me some gorgeous ones from the project files to convince me. 🙂  So Monday my yarn, Three Irish Girls (which I love) in this lovely Cognac color should be waiting for me at the office so I can get started.  Of course you know that if I hit a snag in making it I will be blaming it all on… you guessed it …. that darn Judy! LOL  But I have been looking at that pattern for quite some time sitting in my Ravelry library because I just love all the texture in it.

I also got my flexible blocking wires this week. I’d show them to you but I keep forgetting to bring them home!! Speaking of forgetting – I had said I’d get the mouse pads out  this week to the last couple of winners from the giveaways — they did make it to the office, but I was to busy to remember to ship them out so they’ll be headed out next week.

Enjoy your weekend — I must go collapse into a chair now with one of these

edys which I remembered to pick up at the grocery store tonight so my supply is replenished!  I was not so lucky with the replenishing of my favorite yogurt.  First I have to say I really don’t like yogurt.  It’s healthy, it’s lo cal and lo fat, but every kind I’ve tried has that sour icky aftertaste.  And I especially hate it with that fruit goop in the bottom you have to stir in.  Ick. But I finally found one that wasn’t too bad once I doctored it — my remedy to the sour icky aftertaste — stir in a good sized tablespoon of low fat Coolwhip.  It lightens up the yogurt and I don’t hate it then and I finally found a brand/flavor I loved  – Lite and Fit Pineapple Coconut.  YUMMMMMM.   Yogurt I would actually buy and not just let sit in my fridge until past the expiration date and have to toss out.  But horror or horrors the store where I shop revamped and replaced my flavor with some other flavor. How rude!  So I was forced to buy pineapple and coconut frozen fruit bars instead — hey I like that idea! LOL



Dreambird Progress 9/13/13

dreambirdHere’s my  Dreambird as of tonight.  I just finished feather number 20.  I wish those last two on the left side of the photo were not so similar in coloring but I’m not going to do a darn thing about it.  I haven’t decided how many feathers I’m going to make but I definitely want more and I don’t have to worry about running out of yarn since I just started on the second ball of my background yarn.  The next feather will start ball #3 of the mini mocha but I really liked the color so I got several more than I thought I’d need.  So time will tell how many more feathers I add.

I also have a  plan formulating in my crazed little mind that involves making some  very mini individual feathers, a cool button, some beads, and a double pointed needle which will all come together into a shawl pin to go with this. Time will tell if that turns out the way I want it to. LOL