a knitter’s snowman

I was playing in EQ with the knitting quilt design and thought the bits and pieces would be cute on a snowman.  Here’s just a quicky drawing  – it’s not complete and there’s some things I want to change but I think he’d be cute all decked out in his new knitwear.



More giveaways and Sunday baking

Friend Sheryl had sent a link earlier this week to a free scone recipe book at Amazon for the Kindle.  Alas, I’m not a Kindle reader, I’m a Nook girl, but there was a free recipe below the reviews of the book for Apple Scones.   I figure if I can find a good basic scone recipe that gives me the texture and dryness in the scone I want, then I can go from there to add in whatever I want.

applescones So back to the apple scones — they have an apple grated into them.  It may be the type of apple I used – which was not the kind I would normally use for baking but was the only kind I had on hand – but these just did not taste like apple!  They had cinnamon sugar on top but I think I would  add some cinnamon into the dry ingredients  too but if I’m putting apple in it, I would expect at least a slight apple flavor.  So as an apple scone, disappointing, but as a plain scone, they weren’t bad and  I may use the basics of this recipe (sans apple)  to try with my orange chocolate chunk and see what I think.

One very good tip that was one of those “DUH, why didn’t I think about that” moments — rather than cutting in butter into the dry ingredients, freeze the butter and then use a cheese grater to grate it into little pieces.   So easy and quick – I’m going to use that trick for other recipes as well.

So now that I’ve had my coffee and scones, I have to decide whether to clean, sew, or knit.  Amazingly I think the cleaning may win out since I need to straighten up all the sewing and knitting stuff scattered about.

tuttiefruttiwaffleconesI was playing a little bit more this morning with the  ice cream cone wreath.  I previously donated my original Frozen Delights quilt from a past free BOM on the blog to the silent auction for a Komen fundraiser golf outing.  I’m told it went over big.  So I think I may make a wall hanging as one of next year’s auction items of this Tutti Frutti Waffle Cones design and think this one I’ll do all in batiks.

And check out the Electric Quilt Blog user spotlight.  I knew it felt like there was a spotlight shining on me yesterday! LOL

Now, did I mention a giveway?? Yes I did.  As I was putting something back in the closet this morning, I found two more Stitchin with Justquiltin mouse pads — hence, another giveaway.

So in order to enter

(1) you must live in the US (2) you must not have won one of the mousepads before (3) IF you meet the first two criteria, leave one and only one comment on this blog post with the answer to the question below and I’ll post the names of two winners sometime on Monday.  Winners are those coming closest to the answer without going over; in the event of a tie, the first one leaving the response will win.   If you have never left a comment on my blog before, it will be held in moderation until I approve it.420stitches920.420

So the question is this — here’s one of my knitting projects in the works — please put your guess for the number of stitches currently on the needles in this photo in your giveaway entry.   Good luck!