Ziggity Center Done


The center blocks for Ziggity are all done now. They are looking cockeyed and very washed out in this photo since I’m standing at an angle to get this photo and the blinds are up on the window right next to the design wall.  But now I can clear up the mess from making these, take inventory of the fabrics I have because I am thinking I may change the borders.

In between stitching blocks, a couple of loads of laundry are done or still in the works and I was looking for something to do with some blueberries I had.  Muffins are one of my favorite things but no milk in the house so that was hampering my muffin making.  But then I came across a  muffin recipe in my favorite cookbook that used yogurt and no milk. 


They may not look particularly pretty from this angle but yumm they are tasty.  I used coconut-pineapple yogurt (my favorite), put blueberries in them and then there’s a streusel topping which I added a bit of flaked coconut to.   And bonus – they are lower in calories than most other muffin recipes.




One of my next quilting projects will be to make a new wall hanging for my kitchen.

I don’t know if it will include all these blocks from Granny’s Pantry — but it will be similar.  The tough part will be deciding what kind of fabrics I want to use for it.   But I’m sure I can find something in the stash.  But I ‘ve got one or two projects I need to get quilted before starting something new.



Design Wall Monday

ziggityA couple days spent with good friends at a cabin on a lake, visiting and catching up, playing cards, and sitting with our chairs on the edge of a little beach soaking our feet in the water, doing a bit of knitting, laughing, eating good food, a few frozen margaritas — a great way to spend a weekend!

Now this afternoon it will be back to laundry and some other chores I think — or maybe not.

Friday night I got a few more blocks made for Ziggity.  I’ve got it on the smaller design wall – which it’s  now about half a block to wide for  – I had to pin those far right blocks so they won’t fall – and where it’s hard to get a decent photo since I can’t take one straight on – but here’s how far I am on it.  Time to clear off the larger design wall so I can move it over there.  I think I need to cut a few more pieces and then I can lay out all the remaining block pieces for each block and get them sewn up.  I’ve been laying out all the pieces for one block, then layering the pieces for the second block on top and then after several are layered, working my way back down though the stack stitching them one by bone.  Otherwise it’s too easy to get the angles going the wrong way and sew things incorrectly.


And as part of that hanging out at the cabin,  I made good progress on Dreambird since I’m a night owl and would stay up later  – so could concentrate on Dreambird after everyone else was asleep.  I’m  on my second ball of feather yarn and have just completed my 12th feather and am ready to start lucky number 13.

Also, as part of my Sept-Oct Socktoberfest challenge I talked about on Friday, I also took along a sock in progress and did some stitching on that yesterday (socks are much more conducive to being worked on while keeping up with conversations, etc. than dreambird is)  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have a finished pair of socks also.  I forgot to take a photo of it when I pulled it out of the knitting basket ( and it has many half done pairs of sock friends in there) but it was one I had started for the pooling challenge and wasn’t doing much pooling – a peachy/pink and brown yarn.  I was nearly finished with the decreases on the gusset after the heel when I had set it aside.  Decreases are done and I’m on the straight-away of the foot, although I used a solid brown for the toes so I’m going to have to go searching for where I put that.


Now on to some of the chores I need to get done.  See what everyone else has on their design walls at Judy’s!



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