What’s in the box??

lpyLil’ Loopy is desperately trying to see what’s in the bottom of that box!  But no, there’s work to be done around here before I unpack that box so he’s just going to have to wait awhile!   (actually I think he’s looking to see if I left the tootsie rolls in there but I already ate them) 😉 or he’s may be trying to see I there’s more red yarn at the bottom — red is his favorite color.

And, tho I bought the yarn in that box for specific patterns, every time I look at Ravelry (which I might have been doing for a little while this morning) I find new patterns to fall in love with.  It’s especially bad during Camp Loopy season when you see all the wonderful patterns everyone else in Camp is making.

There are two I found this morning I adore.    Interval  – what a great little scarf. I love the mosaic edge, the stripes and am particularly drawn to it because whether it’s quilts or knitting – blue and yellow combinations are so pretty.  This is definitely on my must make list.

And then there is Alys Cardigan.  I think it has moved to the top of my  “when I start my next sweater list.”   Or maybe second in line since that red yarn in that box is planned for a different sweater.

Stop surfing patterns or thinking of new yarn I need to buy! — biscuits should be just about ready to come out of the oven so a bit of brunch and then on to the cleaning and putting together the new storage cart I got yesterday.  Once the cleaning is done, then I’ll figure out where to put this box of yarn! 🙂

Oh, and Loopy is trying to make it into a Superbowl commercial.  See the details on Sherri’s blog  HERE.   All it takes is a click each day  to vote for him to help him win a free commercial.  Go Team Loopy!!!!