Project Dreambird – My yarn and helpful links

If you are  joining Judy and I in knitting Dreambird,  have your chosen the yarn you will be using??

Here’s what I will be using for mine.  My photos always see to be too light or too dark when I take them in the sewing room.

dbThe sun (yes sun!) streaming in the window is washing out the colors – they are a bit darker and the lightest shades that look like they will blend too much with the gray – well those are actually bluey green and darker  so I don’t think it will be a problem but if they do blend in too much, then I’ll just skip those sections of the yarn.  I’ll be using Mini Mochi “Rainbow Trout” and the gray which is actually called “Seaside” for the color, is some new to me yarn that sounded interesting (and besides it was the only one that had the shade I was picturing in my mind’s eye).  It’s Anzula Milky Way – the yarn is 80% Milky Way (it’s made from milk protein as opposed to a chocolate candy bar!)  and 20% Merino.  “Rainbow Trout” and “Seaside” sounds like they  belong together, doesn’t it.

I’ve been reading through project pages of others who made Dreambird and have come across a few helpful links so will include them here so that I can find them back again when/if I want them.

Videos on  how to do Double Stitch  (German Short Rows)

Part 1 – Purl to Knit     Part 2, Knit to purl

The bind off along the neck edge of Dreambird is sort of a stair step looking effect — one of the project pages had this great link to a bind off technique to make it transition smoothly — a look I particularly like.  so I may be following this modification for the neck edge on mine.   Bias Bind Off


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  1. That will be so pretty when it is done! It’s going to be fun to see the finished projects, considering the variety of colours everyone is using.

  2. Great choices for yarn! You Judy and Theresa, another blogger are luring me in to follow Dreabird! Seems rather scary for me! I purchased pattern today! A challenge it will be 🙂

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