Cobbled Path update

cobbledpathtopWordPress deleted the beginning of this post so it may start off a bit wierd if you get the feed from my blog.


Anyway, what I said was :

Ii don’t know why I procrastinate on getting the blocks set into rows so much – perhaps my mind is already moving on to the next project. but I didn’t want to take Cobbled Path off the design wall until it was a top so got it all sewn together this afternoon.

And now that the design wall is emptied, I’m going to clean up a bit of my mess and pull out the storage box with Christmas Town Sampler in it since tomorrow, being July 1, not only is the start of Camp Loopy, but it’s also the start of my Christmas in July  push to get CTS done.

It looks like the last photo I took of it was  October 15, 2012 and at some point after that I took it off the design wall.  So here’s where I left it — I have two house blocks to make for the borders and then on to all the sashing.

I think there may have been some new developments in town – I may make either a different style house or building or more trees or may  be a church — lots of choices — so feel free to stitch along with me if you need a bit of a push to get your CTS done too.


And one more photo – I’m enjoying Leftie – fun to see each color added as it grows. leftie I was carrying the yarn along but didn’t really like that and since I’m going to be removing some color sections that are too dark or blend too much with the gray, I just breaking the yarn at the end of each leaf stem and knitting it in during the next row so I won’t have ends to bury when I’m done.

Now on to the CTS box and figuring out what I finally decided upon to use for sashing since I remember buying several options and rejecting some of them.

3 comments on “Cobbled Path update

  1. I have the center panel done now and hope to finish the borders/houses tomorrow. I will look forward to seeing your additions! I didn’t have enough background fabric to make the last border so mine will finish with the houses border. And I will be satisfied, lol!

  2. Your Leftie is looking great. That’s another one I want to do . . no surprise, huh? I’m wanting to get back to CTS too. Yours is looking very nice.

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