Saturday’s Stitches

The stitches are of the knitting variety  today – not the quilting variety.  Did you think I quit quilting? 😉  No, but with Camp Loopy I get even less time to quilt  and tho I’m working on things, there’s just nothing exciting to show you at the moment. I am hoping to get my cobbled path top sewn into rows so it’s assembled to that point and I can take it down to put my Christmas Town Sampler back up on the design wall.

I did spend some time scrolling through the EQ files this morning trying to figure out what patterns I want to use to finish off the Strictly for the Birds and the Stitchin with Justquiltin projects from now to the end of the year.  Do you realize we’ve already passed the six month mark  this month (okay it actually seems longer than that to me) LOL.   Next  month’s project is Bits and Bytes, and after that I think there will be at most just two more Strictly for the Birds projects and probably only one more Just Stitchin project since I don’t intend to post a project in December for sure and probably not one in November either.  And since no one sang out when I asked as to which of the various patterns I had shown they might like to fill those final spots — well you missed your chance so now I’ll be picking the final ones. 🙂  Decisions decisions….     I’ve had several people email asking about yardage for Bits and Bytes –I’ll try to get it posted ahead of time but I haven’t started writing that one up yet.

So back to the “stitches” of today … (another raining dreary day I might add — pretty soon I may just mildew from lack of seeing any sunshine!).  I only have a row or two left to finish of my second Wingspan (I’m adding a rolled edge to the neck edge rather than just straight garter stitch like the first one), and I had gone searching or some gray yarn I wanted to check out  against the Mini Mochi I bought for my Dreambird.  Well the gray was too dark (I think I have a better color coming in the mail) because it matched too closely some of the gray in the Mini Mochi, but as the gray was laying there next to some bright Zauberball yarn, I thought they might work well together in the Leftie shawl – another pattern that has been on my “want to make” list.  I could have used sock yarn scraps but I didn’t want mess with all those ends to weave in.

So this afternoon cast on Leftie (cause there aren’t enough projects already on needles around here right?!) and here’s the first couple of repeats.

leftie I’ll have little “leaves” that have the same color in several before they change to the next one but I think I’ll like it – sort of like a rainbow around the edge.

This one, like Wingspan, is really easy – after you make a leaf or two you’re on a roll.  So I’ll see how much of this one I can get done before 12:01 a.m. on July 1 when I can start on the Camp Loopy 2 project.  The yarn is wound, needles have been found so I’ll be all ready to start on that project.

And one other photo — the Hedgehog Fibres yarn I couldn’t get a good shot of last night…

winterthaw-poseidonThis photo still does not do it total justice but it’s better.  The one in the back is called Winter Thaw  and that looks pretty true to color (and pretty true to the many colors in a melting snowbank) and the one in front is Poseidon which is still darker and richer looking in real line with really dark teal and almost a purple blue coming  through.