On the Needles -Friday, June 28, 2013

wingspan2wWhat’s on my needles?  Wingspan #2.  As you can tell by that little ball of yarn, I’m nearing the end.  I think I have enough to finish the “wing” I’m working on. I’ve got a second little ball — when I joined the second ball of yarn I took off some of the beginning color sections in order to match the one I was working on — so I have plenty in that one to do the neck edge and bind off.  I think I may be able to finish this one off tonight.

Yesterday was a banner delivery day that the office. 🙂  I might have received a package of yarn… or two…. okay three of the four places I ordered from arrived yesterday!  🙂   I was shopping for yarn for Dreambird and I couldn’t find the things I wanted all in one place.  And I was also shopping for some other long color change yarn since I found a couple other patterns I want to use them in, and there was one shop where I had a credit sitting waiting to be spent, and well, the Loopy Ewe had sent out an update with a yarn I was interested in trying.  Soooo……

zaub theunusual minimochiThese are two zauberball which I have projects planned for.  The red is far more gorgeous in person — super dark to brighter red not at all pinky like the photo shows.

The second photo (and now that I look at the rest of the photos none of them really do the gorgeous yarns justice – it’s dark and stormy outside yet again so maybe tomorrow I can get a daylight shot).  Anyway second photo yarns–  the back two are Numma Numma, The Usual.  I love the Numma Numma and these are 550 yard hanks so you can do larger projects than socks with just one hank.  The color at the back is Something Wicked and the one in the middle is Surprise Party  – which is grayish looking but has undertones of pink and green.  The one in front is also Numma Numma but its the Doppio line – 400 yards of 70/20/10 sw merino/cashmere/nylon.  It’s called Pistaschio Sprinkle – I think you can see the little blue flecks throughout it.  You can tell it has cashmere in it just but touching it – lovely feeling.    In the upper left corner you can just see a bit of a gorgeous blue — those yarns would not take a good photo at all and that one in particular is the prettiest of all so will have to try in daylight to get a good photo o itt (and two other friends that were in that Box of Fun) . It’s one of the new ones at The Loopy Ewe I wanted to try – Hedgehog Fibers.

The last photo  are all Crystal Palace Mini Mochi.   (I bought the red ones on the left before finding the Zauberball which I really had  been looking for but I’ll find a use or these.  The rainbow colored ones for one of the other long color change projects.  The ones on the right are called Rainbow Trout and those will be the ones I use for my Dreambird!  I need to go dig in the stash — I have a dark gray in there that might work and I do still have one other package coming which, among other things, incudes a solid I also got to try with the Rainbow Trout — the palest of grays . 😉  I think I have my winter knitting all laid out.

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  1. Beautiful yarn colors! I am dying to try the Wingspan but have a bunch of stuff to try first. Dreambird looks like an interesting project also. Ilove MiniMochi!

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