Wingspan #2

wingspan2Here’s my progress on my second Wingspan.  I finished off the first hank of yarn and started the second where the light aqua section is farthest to the right.


This yarn is just not one I’d use again.  After it not being the color  as was shown on the website, I was disappointed  but it’s yarn and I knew I’d find a use for it.  In looking at several websites, that sell this color number of Zitron Unisono, it looks like they must get a image of the yarn from the company to use since most of them have the exact same image.  So it’s likely the company’s fault their image does not match the actual shades/colors in the yarn.  Anyway – I liked the way it was looking in Wingspan, and still like the colors but if you look at the area on the far left you can see little splotches — like the darker colors got accidentally splotched in the next color run.  I could live with that (what the heck else am I going to do at this point?) and since I regularly slop coffee on whatever I’m wearing, well it would blend in well with those spots.  But look at the aqua section farthest to the right — that’s the splotches on the second hank of yarn — looks like someone sprayed it with Hershey’s ice cream topping!  I don’t care for that but I shall continue and finish this and wear it and I’m sure enjoy it  What I won’t do is buy this yarn again for these reasons — this is my personal opinion and others may have had different result with this yarn, so take it for what it’s worth – if anything. 🙂

(1)   It’s a weirdly stretchy yarn.  I will not block this one because I think it would simply spring back.   (The weirdly stretchy thing might work well if you’re one of those pencil thin people who can wear some cute little knit top with negative ease — I think the stretch would work well in something like that — suffice it to say – I am sooo not one of those people).

(2)  The splotches of color – I  think it looks like defective yarn since it is more prevalent in some places.  If it’s supposed to look that way — well I think it would look better without.

(3) The second hank, which  I’m barely into has one place where clearly the yarn got pulled somehow — snagged on something badly — so that when I get to that point I’m going to have to cut that section out.  Plus it has two different places where it’s tied leaving some color runs significantly smaller than the average length of most.

So that’s my critique (which no one asked me for) LOL of this yarn.  You never know until you try something new if it will be good or bad — this one I’ll pass on in the future.

But I think I should be able to get this one finished before July 1 when it’s time to start the 2nd Camp Loopy project.

There will be a whole bunch of yarny boxes of goodness coming to me this week – hopefully all before Friday.  I couldn’t make up my mind of what to choose for the long color changing yarn for Dreambird so ended up getting several options. 🙂   Good thing I ordered before I saw a sweater pattern I just fell in love with and I think I will simply have to make, or there would have been more yarn ordered probably.  The sweater will have to wait a bit — Camp Loopy, Dreambird, and a couple other projects I want to finish are on the front burners to get done first.

3 comments on “Wingspan #2

  1. I see everything you are saying and clearly understand why you won’t order this yarn again. I don’t blame you. In the picture, though, it looks quite attractive and as if the yarn is supposed to have a speckled appearance, so I doubt anyone would think anything of it. Yours and Judy’s are both quite attractive.

  2. the colors are very pretty in this pattern. Did you email the company to let them see what the yarn is doing,maybe they will give you credit and or more yarn. I think this pattern is beautiful. Dana

    • No, I haven’t contacted them – in looking at some of their other yarns on different websites it appears a slight splotchiness may be normal and it’s just not worth bothering about.

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