Stashbusting – the good and the bad

Yes it’s good or bad depending on how you look at it. LOL  There’s a new header photo on the blog — all those batiks have come in new.  Bad for stashbusting reporting, good for stash enhancing with such pretty fabrics!     I finished sewing the main portion of my ladybug quilt together last night which is good since soon I’ll be able to count it finished; bad because if I finish it the way I picture it in my head I need to order more ladybug fabric to do so.   The mini cupcake quilt top was finished this week – good that it’s finished to top status and is ready to quilt; bad that there are so many tops waiting to be quilted!   Oh well, whether it’s good or bad, I’m having fun! 🙂

Wingspan  No. 2 in Unisono — nearly finished with wedge 3.


Last weekend I think it was, I was cleaning out a hat box that had various bits of quilting projects in it.  In there was a baggie of t appliqued cabbage rose blocks.

The blocks will end up being probably 8″ square (7.5″  finished) when I get them all trimmed up to the same size.  They are on two different background fabrics – both from the same fabric line so they work well together.  Here’ a close up of what they look like together.

And here’s my problem.  What to do with these blocks (no I won’t mail them off to any of you) 😉 but I haven’t been able to decide how to set them together.  Suggestions???

Here is what is holding me back at the moment:

(1)  I don’t have any more of either background fabric and want to figure something out using what is in the stash

(2) I don’t think I want to set them together with just a simple sash between since I think that would be a bit dull looking.

(3) I don’t want to just set them together with nothing between the blocks.

(4) I don’t have any more of any of the other fabrics used in this project.

So — just how would you set these blocks together 🙂 UPDATED – Thanks for all your suggestions. I now have a plan of sorts but I think it will be put on hold  – I like the Ric Rac idea and found some sites on line that sell the Jumbo Ric Rac but I’m going  to have to think on this for a while.  I’m not sure I really want to spend $30 for  Jumbo Ric Rac even tho it would be very cute.  And Ric Rac is normally polyester so makes me wonder how it would look after being tossed in the washer and dryer on a quilt with cotton fabric, cotton batting, etc.  So since these blocks really aren’t talking to me much I think they’ll go back in the hat box for a while since there are many other projects around here that know exactly just what they should  be. 🙂cabbageroseblocks


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  1. Ok I’m no you in creativity lol but what about instead of plain sashing make it flying geese in the vertical and appliqué vines/leaves in the horizontal sashes? Just a thought. Oh and I’m amazed as always. Your appliqué, oh just everything, is amazing!

  2. Have you thought of setting the blocks on point? Setting triangles could be one of the colors in the roses

    • Yes I did try that but with nothing between them it basically looks the same as setting them in straight rows and I don’t like the look of them just plain block next to plain block.

  3. When I look at that quilt, I see three rail fence sashing in greens with the dark green being against the blocks, and light green in the middle and then with nine patch cornerstones, I always love to see greens in a floral quilt.

  4. I like Cathy’s idea of three-rail fence sashing and ninepatch cornerstones. I might do it with 2 green outer rails and the center rail in pink or yellow.

  5. I love your blocks.The curvy edge of the cabbage roses make me picture rick rack stitched over the seams between the blocks. A lighter green ( vines ) or a neutral a few shades darker than the background for a more subtle look?

    • I love the rick rack idea. I knew I didn’t want just plain little sashing strips cause when I drew it in EQ that way it did absolutely noting for the blocks. But if I can find that extra wide rick rack in a good color, that would make a cute quicky finish adding some movement to it. I could see adding a wide border and using the rick rack to lay out sort of a trellis cross hatch too. Excellent idea Val!

  6. Either on-point or divide the blocks and put sashing around the center with another row of blocks around that and another sashing: similar to the assembly on “Around the Block” you and Susan wrote for us.

  7. My first thought was a narrow black frame effect. Then can navy or dark rouge. Then another comment mentioned green. I do think the sashing needs to be dark and narrow. I would do plain and then a narrow border of the same fabric for a very simple finish. Let the flowers shine.

  8. How about giving it a “bricks” effect by adding a wider sashing at the top (and possibly at the bottom) of every other row. I think that would give the flowers some movement. I think a pale or light green would make a nice sashing if you have enough of something like that in your stash.

  9. Why not take a big flower print and place your blocks on point…just my humble opinion.
    I just love your blog…sew many lovely ideas .

    • They are really not orphans – there are more blocks I just haven’t got them all up on the wall. They will probably be made into two different projects.

  10. I think they are pretty without anything between the blocks – add a narrow green border and a wide border of a soft pretty floral fabric that includes shades of your flowers. Oh but you said you didn’t like them set next to each other so use the soft pretty floral for a sashing with green cornerstones or vice versa might be even better. They will make a beautiful quilt however you decide to put them together!

  11. Create an irish chain quilt and use the cabbage rose blocks for the centers of the plain block

  12. Well, I see on point with 1′” sashing-like a trellis-a single 1″ frame possible brown or dark green ,then a green wider light outer border that has a scalloped edge . Then if you wanted to, scatter some of the free form flowers around the wider border? I know more work!

  13. Hmmm I was thinking of the three rows, with the inner row being really narrow and then perhaps the ‘9 patch’ for a cornerstone – light/med greens & then a darker green for the inner row – but not too dark. Anyway you do it, it will come out very pretty!

  14. i like the on-point ideas. what about a green/black/grey/other color of your choice sashing (i like the green cause it keeps with the garden theme; or what about a brown fabric (basket weave pattern?)to mimic a trellis?) and a solid cornerstone. i’ve seen that tonal fabric recently; would you be opposed to buying more? applique vines in the borders sounds lovely, too!

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