Ladybugs gathered

ladybug It’s always hard to get a good photo at night in my sewing room cause the lamps throw the colors off so much but here are  the ladybugs gathered and they are now all stitched together.  I haven’t really decided where I go from here.    Since this is such a simple design,  I’d actually like to finish it up fairly simply  – no pieced borders but with maybe a white border, a thin colored one and then a wider one of those ladybugs.  But that means I need to order more ladybug fabric.  I will have to think on that awhile.  Now to get off the computer and unplug things in the sewing room — I can hear about the third round of thunderstorms for today approaching and they’ve all had some impressive lightning with them.  I may need to start building the Ark.



5 comments on “Ladybugs gathered

  1. I love lady bugs. I am to make something for our family reunion. I could call it
    Lady Bug Reunion

  2. Denise,
    Sure hope you are not in Iowa… my husband is in the Davenport area delivering a dozer and he said a tornado touched down in one of the small towns just prior to his arriving in Davenport. He did get the effects of a really heavy rain, short visibility..
    Stay safe, and thanks for sharing your talent..

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