My Dreambird

muckUpdated:  I forgot to add this earlier to this blog post.  I came across this link that shows how to do the “double stitch” short rows referred to in the pattern which you may find to be a useful reference.



A couple weeks ago when I was first contemplating what yarn I wanted to use for my version of Dreambird, I was looking through the Ravelry Project pages to see what types of yarn others had used.  This was the yarn I had ordered – it is what I called a bit mucky since it was not the brighter colors that had shown up on the shop’s website so that was disappointing, but these colors are growing on me (and my photo is a bit off too so you’re not seeing a real true image).   If you are planning to knit along on Dreambird there are some easy ways to try to figure out what yarn you may want to use so here’s some helpful hints.

Have you created your free Ravelry account?  No knitter (or crocheter) should be without one in my opinion. LOL  If you are new to Ravelry, you should take a little time to figure out all the wonderful things they offer.  And unlike many free pattern sources that then inundate you with emails – the only emails I ever get from Ravelry are when a file I have purchased has been changed — an update is sent out to everyone who has previously purchased it and you get an email notification.  The only other emails have been when I’m doing a KAL and of course the clues are announced through email but never any junk email — that I love!

Judy and I have gotten questions asking about what kind of yarn to use.  We can’t answer that specific question for you – you may not like what we like, you may not want to spend over a certain dollar amount, or a specific yarn may not be available everywhere and most of all, everyone has different tastes in color, texture, perhaps you can’t wear a specific type of yarn or don’t want to hand wash it — there are many personal decisions that go into picking the yarn so you hopefully end up with a  final project you love.

There are many kinds of yarn that have longer color changes that will give the look you see in many of the finished Dreambirds.  Some finished Dreambirds makers also used scraps of different colors to make their feathers; others used just two colors.  Log into Ravelry, and if you go to the Dreambird pattern (just click on Patterns and in the search bar type in Dreambird.  When it brings it up just click to open the info on  it.  At the top of that screen above the name Dreambird, you will see tabs that say Details – Yarn Ideas871 Projects.   The 871 may change depending on if someone finishes their projects and adds more.  But  click on Yarn Ideas and you will see – you guessed it! – all kinds of yarn ideas for this project.    If you click on 871 Projects tab — you will see all the projects people are working on or have finished.  You can “read more” on each one of those little boxes and some people will list the type of yarn they used.  This will also help you decide what kind of yarn you want to use.

Now back to the photo at the top — one of the yarns I kept coming across in the project pages that I liked the look of with the long color repeats was Unisono.  Unisono is one of the yarns listed on the Yarn Ideas tab.  It tells below the picture of it how many times that yarn has been used for a Dreambird.  If you click on the number of times below the image, it will show you the projects that used that yarn.   I had never heard of it and wondered if it was available in the United States.  If you “read more” on one of those projects that used the yarn, many times there will be a link to shows that carry it that you can order it from.  Thaloniusmom’s Dreambird in Autumn  just happens to use the same color number as my yarn above tho hers looks like it may be bit brighter than mine but that is the nature of hand dyed yarn — a variance from hank to hank.  But I love the look of that shawl.    So now I have my feather yarn chosen!   I haven’t decided yet what the background color will be.  I may have some black in the stash that will work if I have enough of it, but if not, I may use a cream or very light tan instead.   I’ll have to go digging through the stash this weekend to see what I find.