Project Dreambird Takes Wing

Will you be joining Judy and I as we work on our Dreambird  shawls?   Judy and I have both admired that pattern for a long time and we’re finally going to jump in and give it a whirl.  It’s always more fun when several people are working on the same project – showing photos of their progress, yarns they are using.  Judy will be providing linky boxes so we can share our yarn (share photos of our yarn — no we are not sending you our yarn) and our progress and cheer each other on to the finish.

We plan to start the end of August after Camp Loopy is done and there’s no finish date – it’s not a race, it’s just a project  we plan to start then.  You can find more info in Judy’s blog post here  explaining what we are up to  rather than me repeating it all here.

The first, and probably hardest decision will be choosing what yarn I want to use.  I keep looking at the hundreds of project pages in Ravelry hoping it will help me decide what sort of colors I might like or what kind of yarn I might want.  The bright one on the black,  the more pastel one with white background, fall colors and tan — Noro Silk Garden, Poems Sock Yarn, Unisono, Crazy Zauberball, Woll Butt Sheba (okay that one I tossed in I cause I think it’s a funny name), Drops Fabel, Kauni, Knit Picks Chroma, Mini Mochi —and then some of them I like are done in sport weight, some fingering weight — hmmm wonder how big it would be in dk or worsted weight??? so many choices.  Or you could just use your scraps (you do realize I won’t be going the scrap route and WILL be buying new yarn right????) LOL

So who is up for the challenge?


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  1. If quantities of wool needed are in the dreambird pattern, I would really like to know where. I have to purchase yarn online and I cannot find any mention of how much yarn I need and I searched the pattern visually and as a pdf but found absolutely no mention of amounts. No amounts by weight, or by yardage except the mention of 600 yds/50 g which is one ball on page 2 under materials. I also searched the Ravelly site and still found no mention of amounts. If I order too much that’s no good, if I order too little I’ll never match the colour again. A pattern that does not give quantities is useless.

    • Marilyn – the pattern is not useless and it’s rather rude to say that when the confusion is on your own part. I am totally enjoying making this pattern.
      You say there is “absolutely no mention of amounts. No amounts by weight or by yardage except the mention of 600 yds/50g…. on page 2 under materials.” Well – that IS a weight and yardage measurement – although I’m not sure where you got it from.

      First of all – I don’t believe you’re looking at the lastest update of the pattern because the latest update does not list 600 yards/50g anywhere on it so I suggest going back to Ravelry library to make sure you have downloaded the lastest update to work from. Secondly, as you state, on page 2 under materials it does list what the designer used — i.e. 50g kid mohair and she went on to state that the type of mohair she used has 550yds/50g. Then it says she used less than 100g of thin sock yarn and goes on to list the type of sock yarn she used has 600yds per 100 grams. So with the yarn she used she had 550 yards for the background and 600 yards of the feather.

      If you are not using mohair with the same yardage/grams as the designer used – then like with any pattern you will need to adjust your yarn amounts for whatever type of yarn you are using and however large you plan to make the shawl.

      That is the amount of yarn she used in BOTH weight and yardage — clearly right there in the pattern.

      • Yes the confusion was on my part. I took it to mean one 50 g ball which didn’t make much sense to me not realizing that it meant 550 yards of 50 g balls or that length in whatever you were using. It has now been explained to me and I apologize for my rudeness. It got to the point that I was frustrated and tired, and really wanted to do the pattern but had never seen amounts listed that way. I could, and should have been a lot kinder in my remarks. .

  2. Denise- I purchased the pattern.. I need 600 yds of multi & 500 yards of solidin
    Hi I purchased the pattern! I want to be sure I order correct yardage ..
    600 yds multi & 500 for solid?
    I am new to this….shawl knitting been practicing rows this week!
    What size circ length would u recommend? 😉

    • Yardage requirements are listed in the pattern – I can’t remember what they are off the top of my head but I think the solid was a bit more.

  3. Although it looks totally too complicated for me, I bought the pattern and plan to start with you. I must have lost my mind! Quit showing such gorgeous patterns to tempt us.

    • And it’s “please” “it’s” “not” but then I would never be rude enough to go to someone else’s blog and leave a comment simply to correct their grammar.

  4. I have checked out ravelry. Now I have one question: is it the yarn that makes the triangle colours or are you using multiple colours of yarn?

    If it is the yarn that makes the triangles then count me in for that.

    • Yes – it is the yarn if you buy a yarn that does long color repeats. Some people in their projects used there scraps but most used a yarn that has the long coloring repeats. So they used one multicolor for the feathers and then a second plain color for the background around them.

  5. ME! I LOVE a good challenge!!! I’ll check it out tomorrow after PT (I had neck surgery last month).

  6. I’ve just started a 365-day project, using the theme of feathers … I think this beautiful shawl would be a perfect knit for my Daily Feather (even though I know it will take MANY days to complete it.

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