A Box of Fun, A Box of Lovelies, and a lot of craziness

camp2  Yes my Box Of Fun from The Loopy Ewe arrived today with my yarn for the 2nd Camp Loopy project.  Little Loopy is guarding it and studying the pattern since I put him in charge of finding the right needles size for this pattern  — he knows it will be a daunting task since I have circular needles scattered all over the place but he has until July 1 to find it. 🙂

Then there was the Box of Lovelies — no that’s not a subsidiary of the Loopy Ewe.    It was a box of lovely fabrics.    I have no idea now much yardage was in that box — a lot! — and I’m not even going to think about what that fabric would do to my stashbusting report (1) because I haven’t really been keeping track of what’s coming in in the first place, I’m more or less tracking what gets used as I finish projects and (2)  gift fabric doesn’t count towards stashbusting in my sewing room!!  Suffice to say, if I were tracking fabric in versus fabric out so far this year, I am deeply deeply in the red so I will stick with just tracking how much fabric I’m moving out of the sewing room.

fab2But in these photos you can see I’m not deeply in the red — I’m deeply into turquoise and peaches and greens and purples Oh My!  It was a wonderful box of hot off the presses (just released at Quilt Market in May) batiks sent by Hoffman California Fabrics.  I am sooo in batik heaven now.fab1

I can’t wait to go spread them out and check them all out.

There is one project specifically planned for some of these but the hard part will be chosing which ones to use for that project.   I may need to plan another weeks’ vacation to stay home and sew again!!!

Here’s the newest photo of Wingspan.  I’m just starting the seventh wedge.  I love the way it’s turning out and I can’t believe how easy it is to do.  After the first wedge, you don’t even need to following the pattern anymore.  I shortened my wedges on this one so I wouldn’t run out of yarn since I want to make it longer than the pattern calls for but I may need to make another one with normal length wedges.


Wingspan was my precursor to work on before trying to tackle Dreambird.  Judy – yes THAT friend Judy, and I had been emailing about making Dreambird.  And see her post from today here where she’s talking about it.  People called her crazy – I call her adventurous,  (I also call her a bed short sheeting sneak but she knows that!), willing to try new things (and if this doesn’t work out she’ll have a few things she will be calling ME so it’s a good thing it’s a long way from Texas to Wisconsin).   But I have publicly thrown down the gauntlet (in other words left her a comment on her blog — hey that’s the same thing as throwing down the gauntlet in cyberland)  that YES, we will make Dreambird after all the Camp Loopy projects are done and her garden harvesting, canning, freezing, drying peak has slowed down – it will be a duel to the finish….  Oops got carried away there….. no dueling….. what I really said was:

YES!!  WE WILL make it after Camp Loopy and when your garden slows down :-) That will give me time to search out the right yarn I want for it. :-) since the original  yarn I bought for this, the colors were not what they were portrayed on the website so I need to find something else.  I think we can do it (despite you giving me more credit for my knitting skills than I really have) LOL
 I’m not saying it’ will be easy and it certainly won’t be something I can work on on the bus,  but in reading through the directions it looks like one of those patterns that will make sense as you are actually doing it (and if you ignore the schematic drawings because those are just plain crazy looking) VBG.  It’s just short rows — we’re not afraid of short rows! (should I get us t-shirts printed with that saying on it?)  So prepare yourself woman – the gauntlet has been thrown down — we can do this despite those that may think us crazy.

I’m still thinking I may have to get t-shirts that say “We’re Not Afraid of Short Rows!”.  ROFLOL   but I may need to put on the back of mine in little print “But I am a little scared of Judy if this doesn’t work out.”  😉

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  1. My July yarn from TLE arrived today too! But I do live in Colorado so a short turn around is always known. Can’t wait to start the scarf I picked from the list. Can’t remember which one it is but the pattern is sitting in my email awaiting print off.

    • What yarn and pattern will you be using? The bad part about camp — I’ve added tons more patterns to my library in Ravelry seeing all the projects everyone is making.

  2. I love your box of lovelies! Can understand why you are excited to get to work with them. Can’t wait to see what you make. Also, I laughed at the idea of the t-shirt sayings..front and back!

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