The “place order” button

Yes – you know that pesky little button that you seem to hit without even thinking about it.  A package arrived today that I had forgotten about until I opened it up.   Simply Socks is celebrating their Yarniversary and had a special kit they were selling in honor of it.  I don’t normally buy kits, actually I’ve never bought one, because usually they just don’t interest me.  But this one had a lovely Hadaki project bag, and a gorgeous hank of yarn, along with some other little goodies in the bag – a container of beads, and some Lantern Moon stitch markers.

bIt was the yarn that sucked me in.  It’s Miss Babs and the color is  Tarte which was specially dyed for the yarniversary and every hank is just a little different .  In the photos originally posted there were several hanks of it – some really mostly pink looking (and you know I’m not fond of pink) but the ones that were hot pink and red and orangey and darker red so that it almost looked black — that hank was the one I fell in love with.   So I crossed my fingers and hoped I get something that didn’t look mostly pink.  And it worked — this lovely arrived.    It actually shows more pink in the photo than it has in real life but I don’t mind hot pink – especially when combined with the red and orange.  I don’t know what I’ll make out of this but there’s 500 yards on that hank so lots of choices.

And I love the bag.  I’m not into “designer bags” of any kind – my so called “purse” is whatever totebag I take to work that I throw my wallet and sunglasses in.  But I do love this project bag – it just feels nice – thick and of substance not a thin nylon layer.   Yes I’m very happy with my impulse purchase. 🙂

And of course I ordered another ball of yarn (well two) because they had the Zauberball I have been wanting and Schoppel Wolle Wunderklecks which looked interesting.  The picture of the sock on the ball shows that it should pool.

a A friend of mine at work was checking out the yarn and picked up the bright Zauberball and told someone else I would be making her a pair of socks from it for her birthday in August.  LOL  Hmmm…. that’s not exactly why I bought it, but then again, she just might get them. 🙂

For now – I’ll go back to working on the Welted Beanie hat I previously mentioned  — it’s turning out really neat.