Camp Loopy 2013 Project 1 done

New 6- Camp Loopy 2013 Project 1 - Kinta - Space Cadet in Quilt Blue

Camp Loopy 2013 Project 1 – Kinta – Space Cadet yarn in Quilt Blue


Yes, my  Camp Loopy project got bound off last night, ends buried and today I blocked it.  It didn’t turn out with as many repeats as the pattern called for, even tho I had 20 yards more yarn than the pattern called for, but it turned out pretty.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for Camp Loopy’s second project.


I also bound off the Ruffled Neckwrap I had shown earlier.  I need to do some searching through the button bins to see what I can find for it.

It was a day of knitting projects.  I even pulled a shawl out of the never ending “need to block these” basket and that is now pinned out on blocking wires with the fan aiding in speeding up it’s drying a bit.  Slowly I’m making my way through that  basket which is good if I’m to meet my Sticks ‘n Strings challenge by the end of the year.

This evening I think  it will be back to the scarf I was making for Dad.  I think there’s only about 6″ to go.


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  1. Love this…..I will definitely put this pattern on my “to do” list. You inspire me. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your project turned out beautiful. Love the color. It would look gorgeous with a black sweater!

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