What’s on the Needles – Friday June 7, 2013

ruffled neckwrap 2The Ruffled Neckwrap is soon to be finished.  I’m past the buttonhole on the neckband so just and other 8 rows or so and I can bind it off.  I made the ruffle about twice as wide as the pattern calls for.  I love the ruffle and the way it sort of pleats into place with the alternate K3, P3 and then the way they are decreased before starting the neck band.  I keep thinking how I would love that ruffle along the edges of a big shawl that you could wrap up in during the winter.  But then I imagine just how many stitches you’d have to cast on for that ruffle on that big shawl – there’s 360 in just this neckwrap.  Multiply that by oh 7 or 8 maybe – YIKES!  But I may have to look through some shawl patterns to see if I can reverse engineer one that will work to start with the ruffle and then move on to the rest of the shawl.   But that’s a thought for another day.

Also – my Camp Loopy 1 Project, Kinta, is nearly half off the needles.  Just have to bind off the rest of the edge and it will be ready for some strenuous blocking.    Check out the rest of the projects on and off the needles at Judy’s.