Kinta update

kintaWell this first Camp Loopy project is really going to be done quickly!  I maybe able to finish it tonight.

Here’s how far I am now.  According to the pattern, you need 400 yards  (I have 420) and you should be able to do 24 repeats of the eyelet looking row.  I’ve got 16 repeats done if I counted right and you can see there is not a whole lot of yarn left because it will take a good amount to bind off.  So I clearly am not going to get even 20 repeats.  But not a biggie.

I do tend to knit a bit looser than gauge (which I didn’t bother to check) since this is just a scarf/shawlette but it looks like what I have will probably block out to the finished measurements (in looking at the back point blocking measurement) so it all works in the end.


Now the dilemma — finish this tonight or work for a while on a ruffled neckwrap that I forgot I had started and found in the bottom of the picnic basket of knitting stuff.  And I still have not found that ball of pooling sock yarn to finish my second sock.  I thought for sure it was in the picnic basket – that’s where most half finished items ended up but no – the hunt continues.


Red White and Green

I pulled out the second red/white/green applique block, layered and quilted and added the binding this afternoon.

red2 So it joins the other one I quilted while on vacation.   Both of them just have the binding pinned to the back -they still need to be stitched down.


Another Knitterly Finish

UFO Finish 7 - Ruffled Neckwarmer

UFO Finish 7 – Ruffled Neckwarmer


Yep another that came out of the “blocking basket.”   Blocked and button sewn on. The button came from Grandma’s button collection – off some old coat.  Most of the buttons in the button collection are only good to use on items you don’t need to iron — a lot of the plastic they are made of are from the “will melt with an iron if it touches it” era.  This is UFO finish #

I had totally forgotten about this project and I think I will make another one of those out of the Three Irish Girls Merino Silk yarn I bought not long ago. irishgirls It’s DK weight rather than worsted but that shouldn’t be a problem.  And I want to make the ruffle part longer.  It should be so soft and warm and lay very nicely.

I wholeheartedly suggest trying the Ruffled Neckwrap  pattern.  You can see more pictures of it here on Ravelry tho the pattern is not for sale thru Ravelry.  I got mine from The Loopy Ewe.

Camp Loopy 2013 – Project 1 – Kinta

My Kinta is coming along nicely for Camp Loopy.  I love the color of this yarn, my only issue with the Space Cadet yarn is that it is a bit splitty.  Could just be it doesn’t like this pattern – lots of SSK and K2Tog.  I would definitely give it a second  try in something else to see if I have the same problem.  Sometimes its just the combination of the pattern stitches and maybe type of needles and sometimes it’s just a more splitty yarn.

kinta I may need to do a few things OTHER than sit and knit all day today — or maybe not — time will tell.  Our one day of sunshine yesterday is over and its gray and gloomy once again.  Good knitting weather right?


I do want to get at least one more project finished off today and moved from the UFO knit basket to the finished cabinet.   I pulled out the Ruffled Neckwrap, blocked it, and it should be dry now so I can sew on the button and call it done.     Bad move on my part — I left pretty much all the largest things in the UFO basket to block last — I hate pinning out those large projects.  🙂