Judy’s Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge – My results

At this post – you can see the yarn I picked for the pooling challenge – the official “calendar girl” photos to show they were not started until March.

The top ones in that post – pinky/orange blue — those are the ones that I had set aside after finishing the first sock and I STILL have not found the remainder of the ball of yarn.  I think I put it away in one of the “leftovers” containers thinking it was from something else.  I need to search for it but they are not finished for the challenge.

The bottom photo – the pink and brown — those aren’t done either.  I really like the yarn but it’s not really pooling.  But then here was this one:

ab6It’s  Fibercharmer Valhalla and the color is Mood Ring.  This one gave me some very unique pooling.

front The following photos show them looking straight on down the front of the sock, left sides and right sides.    I used the Tesserae sock pattern.  The toes are not the result of any pooling — I have big feet – I needed add’l yarn so grabbed some brown from the stash to finish the toes to make sure I wouldn’t run out.

These turned out weird and I love them!  They remind me of maps of sandy shores, green tree covered islands, and water all around.

Thanks Judy for the fun challenge.

1sideother side  Even tho all of my yarns I chose didn’t pool, it was fun trying to decide if they would or not.

Course now I have more socks in my “need to be finished pile” but first I need to find that missing ball of yarn so I can finish that second sock.

And be sure to go see all the other pooling socks on Judy’s blog.

6 comments on “Judy’s Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge – My results

  1. Oh they look so geographic!!!! How many times have I proclaimed that I don’t need another hobby? Well, I signed up for a sock knitting class last week!!! You finally hooked your claws into me!

  2. pretty but i like that turquoise you just showed ont he other blog email, shades of turquoise
    I saw somewhere they have a form you can make socks on too now, it scares me to even think I can make a sock! LOL
    where is that expensive fancu 3d printer when I need it-LOL
    But you do AMAZING work.

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