Camp Loopy Countdown

Yes – I just realized – it’s May 31.  Camp Loopy starts June 1 – I can cast on my Kinta at midnight! LOL  And I probably will.  I can get several hours of good knitting in  — who needs sleep!

3-spacecadet My Space Cadet yarn  is at the ready, the Kinta pattern is printed, I found the right size needles in the stash so I’ll be ready to go.


Now, shall we place bets as to what friend Judy decides to cast on??

Socks, the 3S Shawl, or I think she may also have been contemplating Kinta.

Perhaps we’ll find out tomorrow unless she’s one of those sane people who actually sleeps at night. 😉

6 comments on “Camp Loopy Countdown

  1. You are so funny! This is better than going to Disneyland. I’m guessing she will cast on the 3S Shawl.
    Or something else. 😉 You girls behave yourself at camp. Have fun! And don’t forget to write. 🙂

  2. All your yarns are amazing – so beautiful – I don’t know how you find the time to do what you do….lovely to see so many outstanding colors and textures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, she sleeps! She loves her sleep. Don’t you remember at the retreat . . I was ALWAYS sound asleep before you came to the bedroom and woke me with your giggling??

  4. I love that yarn color. I investigated their site and it looks like great stuff. I’m contemplating a club now. It’s your fault. I don’t even knit! I do crochet, though. =)

    • Yes they do have great yarn – they never disappoint and are the speediest/consistent shippers I’ve ever dealt with. It depends on what time of day I place an order but I can count on it arriving two days later. Order Monday – not too late in the day and it will arrive on Wed. I think the only time it was a day later than I figured was during one of the Camp Loopy sales weeks when all the campers had to order their yarn.

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