Sticks ‘n Strings challenge

How are you doing on your Sticks ‘n Strings challenge?  Ignoring that whole not buying yarn insanity – let’s forget anyone ever mentioned it because that simply will never happen.  After two years of trying to stick to various versions of that,   MY NAME IS DENISE AND I AM A YARNAHOLIC. 🙂

But I’m “trying” to stick to the other challenges I set for myself – namely (1) Finish 13 projects from my UFO knitterly stash and (2) not start more projects than I finish and (3) make sure to finish all newly started projects before the end of the year.

I just updated the page for this challenge and I’m not too bad off.

I have finished six projects from the UFO knitterly stash.   Most needed ends buried and blocking but that is my absolutely least favorite thing and some items have been in that basket two years without getting that done so it feels good to get them out of there and blocked so they can move to the “wear me” or “gift me” or “take what you like” drawers.    And before you get too excited, and show up on my doorstep — the “take what you like” drawer is only open to my Mom, sister, sisters-in-law, Aunt and nieces and no you will not be adopted into the family.   🙂

Here’s the latest scarf to come off the blocking boards.  Yep – there is a crocheted item or two in my knitterly stash.

UFO Finish 6 - crocheted scarf     I have finished five new projects.  Yes, I have more new projects in the works but as long as they are all finished by the end of the year, that’s okay with me.   So, in order to make my goal of 13 UFOs finished, 7 more to go.  I’m going to have to delve deeper into that basket (there’s still more to block – yuck!) and of course there are socks and more scarfs to finish.  But since it’s soon Camp Loopy time, three months of a new project each month to finish, starting June 1, the UFOs might get pushed aside for a while.