A couple more blocks

bl  Couple more blocks to the ladybug quilt are done.  I think that project is what I will concentrate on today — no more playing in EQ and getting sidetracked.  I’d like to get the rest of these blocks done today.


The scarf is coming along nicely as well.

I’ve got a couple more knit items from the “need to be blocked” basket soaking in the sink so I can get them blocked, finished and onto the Sticks ‘n Strings project page.  How are you coming with your Sticks ‘n Strings challenge?

You know that part about my not buying yarn was simply a horrible rumor that got started. LOL  But I do hope to meet my other goals of number of finished projects.  The ratio of finished projects verses newly started — well that may be a bit off at the moment but maybe I can straighten that out.   If I can work my way through the rest of the blocking basket, weaving in ends, and getting things blocked, that will be a tremendous help.

Time for a coffee refill and back to making some HSTs.


7 comments on “A couple more blocks

  1. Denise I want to let you know your daily posts have given me so much incentive to get things done. It’s amazing what you seem to accomplish in a day! Thank so much for the daily inspiration! Loving the scarf colors!

    • Thanks Kelly – tho it does not seem to me me that I’ve accomplished as much as I had hoped on this vacation. Have to squeeze everything I can into these last couple of vacation days since Tuesday it’s back to work. But it’s been a very relaxing vacation so I guess that’s what counts.

  2. I just realized I have that very same lady bug fabric in my stash, and good yardage of it too, I hope I can make one of these. Thank you for all you do for “craft” sections of our whole lives.

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