Things are hoppin this morning….

Well except for that maid or the quilting elves  –  one of them forgot to make the banana muffins this morning.  How rude! LOL    I stopped for a coffee break (and realized I was hungry because it was lunch time and I hadn’t had any breakfast yet)  and had to make the muffins first.  So the pan of muffins just came out of the oven  and there’s a loaf of banana bread still baking.  I’ve finally rid the freezer of the glut of bananas that would slide out at me whenever I moved anything in the freezer.  And remembered to take the ground beef out to defrost for the stuffed mushroom caps I want to make for dinner – so hopefully I won’t be eating dinner at 9 p.m. like last night — time slipped away from me by the time I finally left the sewing room in search of food. 🙂

Now to try to patiently wait for the muffins to cool just a little.

So what else is hoppin?  Laundry is going, dishwasher loaded and running (let’s see – what else can I turn on to do work for me while I do something else) LOL   – nothing, but I’ve been busy in the sewing room and finally seeing progress.  In addition to drawing up the ladybug quilt design this morning, my little featherweight has been humming along.

cobbledpath  All the Cobbled Path blocks are stitched and now up on the design wall – I moved them to the larger design wall so I could get them all up there.    And  I also finished sewing the rows together on the graduation music quilt.  Since I was moving that to the smaller design wall, decided to quickly stitch the last rows so now I can figure the borders for that one.





And then I had one of those light bulb moments (as I was trying to figure out how I’d get the two quilts I want to quilt for the fundraiser done in time).    Hanging on the wall in my sewing room is one of the quilts I had decided a long time ago I would use for the fund raiser.  Hidden in plain sight!

frozendelightsFrozen Delights has been done and waiting.  I kept looking at the pile of finished quilts and wall hangings thinking I already had at least one done I had planned to donate but it just didn’t seem to be in that stack — and that was my problem – I had taken it out of the pile to hang on the sewing room wall for a while.

I still want to make and finish the ladybug quilt for donation and I think the cobblestone path quilt can linger a bit on the design wall and when done it will go into my charity quilt pile to go to a different cause.  So deadline issues solved.  If I really like the ladybugs I may keep them — there’s several smaller quilts in the charity stack that I could use instead of the ladybugs too so I’m no longer feeling like I’m really rushed.

I may go find a small table runner or small wall hanging in my “to be quilted” heaps (yes heaps – tidy folded ones but heaps nonetheless).  I want to try out the new free motion foot I ordered and try the Sulky invisible thread to see if I like it or if I need to place an order for a brand I used to buy, which I found on line.  So again the cracker jack store clerk who told  me that brand was no longer made was incorrect – the store just doesn’t carry it anymore.

Time for that muffin and then a quick tidy of the sewing table so I can move on to the next project.


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  1. Aren’t gadgets wonderful? I’ve often thought I could start something nice in the slow cooker, then turn on the Roomba (sometimes can get a great price online) then spend the day sewing and still have company for dinner! They’re such hard-working, uncomplaining helpers. 🙂

  2. You said you are sewing on a featherweight? Is that besides having the Janome? Ann

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