A bit more Cobbled Path

I got a second wind last night and headed back into the sewing room and stitched pieces until I ran out of one particular section that I knew I hadn’t cut all of them for yet.

cobbledpath so  a dozen more blocks were finished.  I’m going to have to move this one to the larger design wall – I need to add one more row in the width and I’m out of space.  But on that wall at the moment are the blocks to the graduation quilt.

So I’ll probably switch gears today and first get the graduation quilt rows set together before I pull it off that design wall – or at least move it over so I can move the other quilt there.



And I’m now well stocked if I ever get to clearing off the table to layer some quilts.  Delivered yesterday along with a new free motion foot to try on my machine.

I’m glad I didn’t really have anything planned to do outside this vacation.  I think there was one really nice day so far and the rest it has been rainy and gray and wet.   Today is  no exception.


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  1. Hi Denise: Love the quilt ideas you give me. Saw one today which will make a good Warrior Quilt. Thanks so much. You are a breath of fresh air. Cathryn

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