Stitching progress

cp  Many pieces are cut,  many sections are sewn, but I wanted to put together a couple blocks to see how it was going to look.

I like it.    So before I go back to stitching more pieces, time to go layout a shawl or two that needs blocking and there’s a bit of cooking and baking I want to do.



False Starts

Sometimes there are projects that just need to go sit in the corner until they straighten themselves out.

Earlier this week  I wound lots of yarn and restarted a scarf until I finally found a combination I decided to go forth with.  Last night  my nemesis was the challenge charity quilt.  Rather than just clearing off the table to start a different project, I thought …I just stitch up the section that I have sitting here so I’ll have at least half the blocks done.  It’s not a big quilt so it wouldn’t take long.

bad  So what’s wrong with that picture?  I forgot to add the background triangles to the side sections of the block on the far right top and bottom.  SHEESH!  So now there’s a whole stack of them to rip apart but I’m putting that project in a time out.  It’s going to the closet shelf to sit and think awhile about all the trouble it seems to be causing me!


I did get two knit items out of the UFO bin — ends woven in and they are now blocked.  What a difference blocking makes.  The yarns are even silkier softer than they originally were.

Here’s The Loopy Ewe Second Quarter Challenge project — Lanquais.  It needed to be a stranded project.  This will be going to my sister.

loopy2ndquarterstrandedI love the little picot edges at the bottom of the look and the bottom of the scarf.  They are done with a different method in this pattern since those sections are folded and the picots stick out in the middle than I had done before but I really like it and will use that on other projects.  This was Cascade 220 Superwash yarn.

Also Scalene — which I made for a Camp Loopy project last year but had never gotten around to blocking.   Blocking helped this project tremendously.  It just wouldn’t drape nicely no matter what I did so it got put in timeout in the blocking basket.  I really didn’t think I would like it at all but I so love the yarn – Three Irish Girls.   It now is drapey and lovely and will definitely be worn.  It’s asymmetrical and has a loop on one side that lets you wear it several different ways.






Now I need to go dig through the basket to see what I want to block today.

In the meantime, while I’m awaiting for my Amazon order of batting to arrive today, I’m going to start cutting pieces for Cobbled Path.  I decided rather than “black”, I will use the dark teal batik shown in the photo and the “white” will be a bit scrappy too using the light tan batiks in the photo – once I figure out if I have enough of them.

cobbled path